Thursday, November 15, 2007

4 whole months...

Have passed since Hailey was born. Wow...I can't believe she's that old - she's no longer the smallest baby when we go fact she's a bit of a chunker. Here's a quick comparison...
The first one was when she was not even 24 hours old, and that second picture was her yesterday at exactly 4 months old. Can she get any cuter? I remember putting her in that carseat for the first time and thinking how there was no way she would ever fill it out. Now...she's pretty much the perfect size for it...and at almost 15 pounds she's getting closer to being too big for it! We've got a while still...but gosh she's getting big!

Anyway, we've been busy lately. Last week we went to Calgary and had lunch with some old friends...Laura...Dashanne...and Estelle. Hailey pretty much cried the whole time. Laura and Estelle's girls played the whole time, Dashanne's baby just smiled and sat like an angel the whole time and Laura's baby slept the whole time. It was fun though!! Here's one quick you get an idea of what they girls were like...Hailey had just about had it!

So I didn't put their names on the picture just because I wasn't sure if you girls were comfortable with that...also if you want me to remove this pic from my blog I will...just let me know!

Ok...onto the business at hand. Then the next day Rebecca and Randal came up for a visit with their newest member of the family - Addie! Hailey is very very excited to have a cousin so close in age! They are only three months apart! So we visited with them and got to know their little baby girl...we're very excited to watch her grow up...we know she'll be friends with Hailey!

So then later in the week I hung out with Tan...we're often husbandless on the weekends so we used to get together all the time (before Hailey came around). Anyway, we finally decided to get together again...well I finally got up the guts to spend the evening away... and we had a movie night on Saturday - just for us girls - well and anyone else who wanted to come, but most people have husbands around on the weekends. Anyway, before the movie we got the kids all bundled up and took them for a the freezing-cold-windy-weather...we were desperate to get out:

And then yesterday Hailey and I went out to Airdrie and spent the afternoon with Becc and my friend Chantelle. We had lunch...ate way too much food and just hung out. It was nice to see them again...Hailey loves watching Chantelle's little girl move around and she loves it when Becc's Bradley pets her head. He's sooo cute! They are all so cute!

And that's it! It's been a busy few weeks for me...although I'm sure that would be normal for most of you...but for the Hailey-babe and me, we're used to just hanging out around the house. It was nice to get out, but we're looking forward to some down time now.


The Taylors said...

Fun! I loved that you guys came over to play, that was the best lunch date I have had in a long time! Thanks for coming, and i totally don't care you put that photo up! My kids are already all over the internet! (that sounds bad but it's true!)

Anonymous said...

yeah, we need to go out more often for those cold winter walks - can't beat 'em!