Tuesday, January 15, 2013

It's a Party

One of the those parenting things I'm still learning (among MANY) is how to take care of the middle child. I'm not sure if I had a great example on how to do this since my parents dealt with their middle child LONG before I came along. And then when I was born I was the baby forever and once Sarah came along I was never forgotten. Having siblings so far from my age had it's benefits.

But since my kids are pretty much 2 years apart it's been a bit of a struggle to make sure they're each happy and taken care of. This year has been especially hard on Paige with Hailey at school. Hailey gets to do all sorts of fun things...like school, concerts, parent free gymnastics etc. But the biggest of all the Birthday Parties she gets to go to that Paige just isn't invited to.

So I took a page from my moms parenting book and threw a party for Paige's baby dolls! She got to pick her favourite two (baby dum...and love baby), we went to the dollar store and bought them each a gift, we bought stickers for a craft and a treat for the treat bags. Paige then wrapped the gifts, got her best party dress on and posed for the first picture.

We sang Happy Birthday to her Babies

Paige helped them blow out the candles

She acted genuinely surprised while helping open the gifts

And she devoted all her attention to opening her Smarties from the treat bag she decorated!

It was a super easy and very fun afternoon for Paige and me. This 'one on one' time was just what we both needed. I think we'll have more little Birthday's in the near future!

p.s. do you like her babies' names? Baby Dum - well, that's a good one. It originates from Ben...he calls them Baby dolls, and Paigey just couldn't quite say it right. Somehow it ended up as Baby Dum. 

And 'Love Baby'... Oh my Love Baby. She's MY first baby. Honestly, I thought she was my baby growing up. And still to this day I am quite tender with her. I am careful to make sure her head is supported correctly etc. She's a VERY VERY loved doll and has brought me MANY great memories!


Randa said...

Kyan definitely feels left out when it comes to Melia going to parties and getting to go to school everyday. Maybe I could let his Killer whale - Shamu have a party? Im in any excuse to make a treat =)

Jeni said...

Cute cute idea!! That one doll looks rough!!

Anonymous said...

Aww, how sweet. Dad and I love the excitement on Paige's face! And Love Baby. Oh how we all loved Love Baby and how she went everywhere with us. On holidays, even. If she couldn't go with us, then she had to be babysat, like a real child (older brothers' GI-Joe's were great babysitters). You were always so tender with her.
Love, G-Ma and G-Pa

Lahni said...

That one baby should have asked her mom to do her hair before she came to the birthday party!

The Taylors said...

So cute Meagan! And I love that she plays with your old doll too! i remember that doll! What a great idea. We went to a doll birthday party once for Emily's daughters doll. It was fun. Anyway Paige looks like that was the best day of her life! Good job!