Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Montana...Paiger's Birthday

Pictures from Montana - most importantly Paige's 1st Birthday

So most of my family was in Montana with us last week. We all stayed at the same campground (two of our families in our trailers, one in a 'rustic cabin' and my parents in the Bed and Breakfast portion. I enjoyed visiting with the family and the break from real life, Ben enjoyed not working, My girls enjoyed having their cousins around...and Hailey especially loved having uncle Nick to play with.

Actually, I think all the kids did:
Don't you like how we camp? We have power, water, sewer hookups as well as wi-fi. If I can't check my Facebook, it's just not camping. Right??

Now Paige...she just loved her Aunt Sarah. Really, she did. I hope all that cuddling sent some baby cravings Sarah's way:) One day we took our qauds back into the bush and took all the little kids for rides...well the adults happily participated too.

Hailey and Nick - these two were almost inseparable. I think Hailey has a little crush.
Maybe Nick thinks she's kind of cute too...because I sure do.

Paige and her closest girl cousin in age - Tia (and Aunt Tan). I see lots of fun in their future.
Nate taking Mom on a quad ride - looks like mom's having fun:)

Becc taking me for a ride...for a newbie at the quad thing, Becc sure ripped the place up!

One day while the guys were out shooting things (it's true), the rest of us went go carting, bumper boating and played some mini golf.
Page Slept

Hailey and Hondro

Getting ready for some bumper boats with G-ma

Then later we decided we needed to set off some Fireworks.

Matthew didn't need to be convinced.

Neither did Nick or Ben

And then the next day we had a little celebration for Paige to mark her Birthday. And mostly to get the token kid destroying a cake picture.

I Just love this little girl

She just loved her little cake

Hailey was in agreement

They totally devoured it...and then wanted more

So that's it. Now we're into packing mode. We have a lot to do before life calms down for a bit...but all is good.

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Sarah said...

I am still laughing at that picture of nick and ben with the fireworks!!!!!!!!!!! so outrageous!
and of course my other favs are of nick with the kids :)