Friday, June 01, 2007


My Stroller just arrived!! I'm seriously so excited! Here are some pics of how cool this thing is:

So first of all, it has a nice little carseat attachment:

Then you can have the baby facing out:

And finally facing you:

Cool hey? I've seriously been searching for months (well years for the perfect stroller) and I found my dream stroller here:

But the Bugaboo's were totally out of my price range. So, then I fell in love with this one

...but it was a bit pricey too (at least for the stroller all by itself...I am a cheapskate you know). So finally I found this little number:

Which I ended up buying. It had all the features I wanted (i.e. something for the baby when it's brand new - like the carseat adapter or a bassinet, the reversible seat, and finally big durable wheels) plus it seriously was soooo cheap. So, maybe it won't be as good of quality, but for the price I paid, it was worth it!! Can you tell I'm happy? Now all I need is a little baby to test it out on...any volunteers??

p.s. I owe Emily and Gary a big thankyou for bringing it up to Canada for me...and then my parents for picking it from them and dropping it off right at my door step. Talk about service!


The Taylors said...

That picture of you in the poncho is so hilarious! And you look so pretty dressed up for church. nice stroller!

Francis Family said...

Hey meagan! That stroller is awesome! I want a new one for our next baby and I know what you mean by your "dream" stroller! We'll see, Dustin is a penny pincher about stuff like that!! bla bla bla!! lol