Sunday, May 05, 2013


I'm a sucker for traditions and for family! Friends are great and I have some really great loyal and fun friends. BUT family it where it's at! I just LOVE my family and I especially love having everyone so close. Well...of course my parents aren't close by right now, but we still love them all the way in Montreal! One of my favourite traditions is Easter  Every year the Easter bunny sends us a letter...long and detailed of course...with a breakdown of who is hunting for which eggs. There are 12 grandkids and that means over 12 groups of different styled/coloured eggs. Once the letter is read the hunt is ON! The kids run out and search...and that genius Easter bunny hides them according to age (hardest to find for the older kids, and easiest to find for the little ones). It's all sorts of fun chaos! And I LOVE every second!

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Anonymous said...

We LOVE family too! and LOVE having them close, well, close to each other even if not close physically to us. :)
Love, love, love the pictures of the Easter Egg hunt. those are some terrifically wonderful little ones.
With love from G-Ma and G-Pa, in Qu├ębec, where the Easter Bunny hid things so well that G-Pa hasn't found everything -- yet!!