Sunday, October 29, 2006

Party Time!!!

Today I had one of the those bittersweet moments everyone talks about. This one was more bitter than sweet...but it's still all ok. I'll explain.

This morning I woke up to this: Now if you really (I mean really) know me, then you'd understand that the snow was not the bitter part of the was the sweet! So I love love love love to snowboard!!!. At the end of last season (which was a reduced season for obvious reasons) I packed up all my equipment (including my sweet new Burton board) knowing that it would be a few years before it saw the snow again. It was a sad day, but I was planning on another winter pregnancy, so I knew I could give up the snow for a year. So this morning, although I was excited to see all the snow and kind of pumped that snowboarding season starts in 12 days, I was kind of sad that I actually get to go this year. Going Snowboarding at all this season means I'm not pregnant again and means that I just have to wait even longer (and it's already been over a year since we first got pregnant) seems like a long time. Ughhh. So anyway, that's the bittersweet story for the day. So if any of you want to go snowboarding this year, I'm obviously free to go with you!!!

So onto lighter topics. This week was kind of an exciting week ...Sarah turned 18 and had a big Halloween/Birthday party, Becc had a BIG Halloween party, and I found the perfect pair of Peter Pan shoes. This is the reason why I love that my mom's a Pack Rat; we found these shoes in her box of old shoes from her younger years. They are seriously awesome!

I also put together the cutest Peter Pan costume, I think I'm going to be Peter Pan every year was so fun!
So here's a picture of the Birthday Girl - Sarah! (a.k.a. Felicity Shagwell from Austin Powers) and her nice Old Mand Friend - Jordan.

Anyway, it looks like none of my pictures are uploading properly so I'm stuck with the Four Picasa lets me use. I'll post another thread of the pictures from Becc's Party.


J B & N Rawlins said...

Crazy that Sarah is 18 - wow we are old! Your house.. that is your house right? Is so cute and I miss the snow SO MUCH!

Meagan McCance said...

hey Jeni...that is my house. Cute hey? I love the snow so bad your missing it.