Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Big Tummy, a Wedding and Utah

So, here is my 25 week shot…seriously, where do I go from here??

I wish my body could get it straight and realize that I don’t need to be the size of an oil tanker by the end of this pregnancy. Everything’s going well and the baby’s kicking a lot!! I mean, she does not stop kicking me ever…which is great and all, but it means I never get any work done. I am so in awe over the whole kicking thing that I just sit and stare at my moving tummy all day long. Ben’s loving it too, sometimes if he’s lucky he gets little love taps from that baby…and sometimes they’re more like “get out of my way” karate kicks, but he loves them all. So we’re happy and enjoying this pregnancy and just looking forward to finally bringing a baby home from the hospital.

So as some of you may have figured out, Jeff and Yuka got married at the beginning of March…and sadly I have no pictures of my own. We hired Ben’s ultra-talented sister to take the pictures that day which meant I took none of my own. And when I say we hired Ben’s sister, I don’t mean that she’s just his sister that’s interested in photography and we decided to give her a shot. No. She is a hugely successful photographer and scrapbooker (i.e. she has her own book coming out in a few months, and is booked solid for photo sessions) so we were lucky to snag her for that weekend. We’re looking forward to seeing the finished products and we know they will be beautiful!

So, Ben and I and some other people from our fam just got back from Utah (Mom, Dad, Nate, Tan, the kids and Josh). We went down for "conference" but really only my parents went to conference, the rest of us just shopped and ate the entire time. When I say we ate the whole time, I mean it. We stayed at the Embassy Suites Hotel which boasts a 'made to order' breakfast each morning. So most of us started the day out with some pancakes, French toast, eggs, bacon, fruit and so on. I'm not kidding, that was what I ate for breakfast each day. Then of course for lunch we had to go places that we don't have up here - like Cafe Rio, Carls Junior and so on. And you can't forget all the huge dinners we ate every where we went - which tied in nicely with the midnight run to Sonic for a slush and then a creamie to top it off. mmmmm creamies. The highlight of the trip would definitely have to be the Danish breakfast we had at one of Tans old companions homes. They have these little Danish pancakes that are seriously soooo delicious! Here's a link so you can see what I'm talking about ( seriously it does not get better than that! Now don't you worry, I didn't just eat the whole time - I did spend serious time out shopping. We went everywhere and raked in some serious loot. I'd have to say, the Park City outlets were a lot of fun, and I definitely cashed in on all the baby stuff there. We just don't have cheap stuff like that up here! Anyway, we had tons and tons of fun on the trip and now just need a few days to recoup from all the food we ate, all the laughing we did and the lack of sleep we got. It was a fun trip!

Anyway that's all I really feel like updating right now. But since it's the long weekend, I might just post again soon. You never know, but I'll try.


The Taylors said...

Meagan, I can't get over how cute you look! I mean more like 35 weeks but you are as tiny as they come everywhere else! Are you sure you didn't just stuff a basketball up your shirt? Maybe you'll deliver early like me. Have they said anything about the actual size of the baby? by the way did you say "she"? Are you having a girl!?!?! Exciting! girls are so fun!

Um about Jordan's shower. I feel really bad, she just gave me a list and I checked it twice (wait a minute....) your mom was on it and you were probably supposed to be too I should have double checked with her beforehand so I am so sorry!! I wasn't using my brain.

Oh yeah and your Utah trip sounded incredible. I have never stayed in a hotel in Utah, it seems like there is always lots of family around to enjoy that luxury! I loved the Park City outlets too, you can score big with baby stuff there!

Sorry for the novel, I get little carried away sometimes!

J B & N Rawlins said...

I HAVE been waiting for a post forever!! you look ssssssssoooooooooo cute! it is funny how you feel huge... ha, just wait 10 weeks, you are in for a treat!! but you are adorable for real!!
thanks for the update, i want cafe rio, yum!