Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mother's day

So, I've been thinking a lot these last few days about Mother's Day. I've been thinking about all the wonderful moms out there, all the soon to be moms and especially all those who desperately want to be moms. I've thought a lot about the Moms in my family and how special all of them are (I only have one mom, but there are lots of mothers that surround me). I've also been thinking about how hard this day was for me last year. I was just coming out of the fog I felt for months after losing the twins and I was just starting to realize how painful life really can get. I remember missing them so much that day and just knowing that things would never be ok. Little did I know, things would be ok again, just different - but still ok. I still miss them and still wish things had turned out differently, but my life is still great! In particular - I'm expecting another little baby and I couldn't be happier. This Mother's day, I'm celebrating the upcoming birth of this new baby into our family; I'm celebrating my mom and how awesome she's been to me, I'm celebrating all the other moms in my family (Sister and sister inlaws, Mother in law, Grandmas etc.) and yet my heart still aches for all those who are hurting on a day like this. It's strange how the day can be so happy and yet so hard for so many. It's a tough Holiday...but I'm happy to be celebrating this year!
Anyway, this post is dedicated to my mom. She is seriously an awesome mom! She was the type who was willing to stay up all night long talking about anything and everything - and she was never one to cast judgement. She is kind, and loving and amazing! She loves all her children like you wouldn't believe, and she loves her grandchildren even more. She is seriously the best grandma and I can't wait for her to meet our little baby girl! So, thanks mom for being so awesome! I love you soooo much and just hope that I can be as good of as a mom as you are!

Anyway, here are some pics from our special trip to Montreal this last fall. We had a blast and will never forget the time the two of us got to spend together...

I love you!

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Anonymous said...

What a lovely post! Of course! :)
I know my mother loved me a whole, whole lot and then when you guys came along, she loved you even more, so I had a really good example to follow and I love being a mother and a grandmother. It's the best. And I love you!

Love, Mom