Friday, April 11, 2008

Just because I can...

I can finally upload pictures again, so here's a post. Yay!!! I'm nto sure what was wrong, but it was really annoying. Anyway, here's a quick one of Hailey and her (my) newest obsession.

I bought a pair of little leggings off ETSY and while I was waiting for them to arrive I decided that I could make my own for half the price. So I did. The skull ones I bought, the striped ones I made. Pretty cute hey?? She obviously doesn't wear them together like this most the time, just for comparison pictures. Seriously, it was so easy to make these, all you do is take a pair of knee high socks, cut off the foot, then cut the toe and heel off the foot so it's a tube of fabric, then fold it in half and sew back to the leg of the sock to make a nice little cuff. EASY! Mine wasn't quite as nice as the one I bought, but that's because I couldnt' find adult knee highs and had to make them with kids sicks. And of course, for you sock sewers out there, it means I didn't have enough fabric to completely fold the 'cuff' over. It still sort of works though.

Here's a close up

Oh...and just for reference (I check back here once in a while to remember what Hailey's doing and when). At nine months:

-she is now an expert army crawler

-she can pull herself up onto the couch and walk the entire couch length...ALL BY HERSELF!!

-She can stand unassisted for 10 seconds...

-but she still can't crawl.

-She still sleeps well at night

-She still has her 8 teeth and no more on the least for now

And that's it!


Angie said...

I love baby legs! they are so cute. I can't wait to get some when i have a girl...I know they have them for boys too but I think they are better for girls. anyway, good job on making some yourself!

Francis Family said...

look at you miss creative! Good job!

The Taylors said...

Yay! Way to be so crafty! I can't wait for when your "robeez" come out so I can buy some off you! PS, I can't believe she is walking along furniture already! Go Hailey Go!!

lisa slocombe said...

that is so funny that you made some while waiting for the ones you ordered to arrive! i love the little rainbow skulls! great job!