Saturday, December 17, 2011

Working out with Mom

There are a few things that I want my children to grow up always knowing, things like:

Who they are, and where they came from

Their Heavenly Father loves them

Mom and Dad LOVE them no matter what

Santa only brings gifts to believers


Working out is important!

I want them to grow up knowing that physical exercise is not only fun...but necessary. I don't care how skinny you naturally are...exercise is still IMPORTANT (especially when you eat as much junk food as I do)!!

I am by NO means a fitness expert or even fanatic, BUT on the odd days when I feel good (i.e. not completely exhausted from this pregnancy), we get all geared up (panties and tank tops for Hailey, onesie undershirts for Paige) and head on down to the basement to get in a good workout.

We do things like:

Yoga - downward dog (with my back acting as a ramp for anything and everything)

We do a little 'modified' Child's Pose

And we try to get in some abs too

Sometimes we get some stretching in too

It's pretty've got to see them doing jumping jacks. And Hailey's lunges and squats are HILARIOUS!!!

Anyway, I feel like I'm teaching them a good lesson. I hope they remember these times and learn to love fitness even more than me one day! And hopefully...just hopefully their form will improve:)


The Taylors said...

You brat you are just trying to show off your awesome TAN!!! I am so jealous!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe your tan!!
Your girls as so cute!
Love the picture of the modified "Child's Pose."
Love, G-Ma

The Harker Family said...

This is so darn cute! Looking so good girly...I can't even believe you are pregnant!!!!!!!!!

Christine Hill said...

You seriously are such a good example. I needed to read this post and get my own butt in gear...hopefully than MY kids will learn the importance of working out too:)