Saturday, March 16, 2013

Quick little update

The girls are in bed, Ben's out with friends and I have a few moments of me time...and I've been sorting and editing pictures. I'm just realizing that I'll have a one year old in less than two weeks. And that means I need to put together her one year video. So sorting it is. I've taken a hundred million pictures and now I need to decide  Where do I even start?

Speaking of pictures...I think I'm going to do it. I'm going to make the jump and start taking picture of people for real. For real guys! I've been practicing and working on this for years. I've taken a few courses and I just have a few more things to finish and then I'm ready to launch this thing. I'll probably start out with an introductory rate...a portfolio builder. And see how things go from there. So in preparation I've been taking pictures of my girls and just testing things out a bit. I BEGGED them for a shoot last week and they only agreed as long as they got to pick their outfits, wear my jewelry and wear makeup. So I obliged. We found a tiny spot of shade in my backyard and snapped a few frames. And I think I came out with a few keepers. These girls are LOVELY!


Anonymous said...

I see definite talent! And some definite keepers in those little sweethearts. My Dad was a keen photographer and it's wonderful that you're following in his footsteps.
Love, G-Ma in Joliette :)

Jeni said...

You've got trouble in the years to come with those beauties!
You are really talented too Meg.