Wednesday, September 16, 2015

First Day of School

And here we are...back in School! The girls had lots of fun on their first day. Paige is in Grade 1 this year...which is always a hard transition for me. Suddenly I don't feel like their main source of parenting/child they spend more time per day with their teacher than they do with me!! Ahh....but it always works out. And Paige sure loves her teacher and is soooooo thankful to be in her best friend Ava's class again! Lucky girl! Hailey's in grade three!! What?? How is she that old? Seriously! She's such a smart confident little girl that I have no worries about her. She got seperated form her best friend Ava (yep they both have Ava's) this year....but was super excited to see her longtime friend Eden in her class again for the first time since preschool! She has a really fun energetic teacher and I know will excel with him as a teacher! Anyway, I look forward to what this year will bring. I hope Paige can learn to love reading and start to get better and faster at it. I hope Hailey can just continue the path she's on and continue to love learning!

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