Thursday, November 12, 2015

I'm going through Pictures

So I'm going through files on the computer right now and I came across these pictures of Nora that I completely forgot about. I remember this day. My Baby Blues were particularly rough with Nora. I was really struggling to get out of that fog and couldn't really see a way to get there. She was three days old and I thought to myself  'I need to take newborn pictures of her...or hire someone to do it for me'. Neither really felt like a great option...but I knew it would be the easiest if I did them myself. The first few days (weeks...almost months) of Nora's life were filled with Colic and bouncing and never laying flat. On this particular day she fell asleep in the bouncy chair and was out for the count. Like really really asleep. She was sleeping like she never had before! So I quickly ran downstairs, grabbed the few simplest props I could find and spent about 10 minutes taking her picture. There are maybe 8-10 decent pictures out of the bunch...and although it's not a TON it's enough. And I seriously can't even remember her looking like this! So dark, chubby, her hair, her cheeks, her eyes, her squishy lips. So I'm super glad I have these pictures.

Anyway, I really really love having this blog so I'm trying to catch up on the last few months. If you're super interested in reading you can just scroll I'm placing the posts in the months I'd like them to fall. 

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Randa said...

Some days (most days/months) after a new baby the biggest accomplishment is just making it through the day without going completely insane. I am so glad you had the moment you needed to get the pictures you would love =). The tender mercies of God are the miracles we need each day to accomplish this great work we embark on! Their new steps and stages are always so exciting and sad for me too! Like you said it reminds me to cherish the precious time we have with them! Have a great day!