Saturday, May 13, 2006

Only Child

I love Spring!!! I also love spending time with my entire family, but once in a while I enjoy just being with my parents, it reminds me of when I was little and they would take me out all by myself and leave all the other kids at home. Definitely special. I would never give up the memories I have of my childhood, and I would never wish I didn't have my siblings, but sometimes it's just fun to be an only child. This last Sunday I was an only child and I loved it. Ben and I went to Mom and Dad's home for Sunday Dinner and then spent the rest of the evening with just the two of them (Sarah was at dinner but had to go to a fireside that night). We went for a drive and for a little walk at Big Hill Springs. Here are some pics from the day:

Here's the Water Pump - I like this one mostly because it shows how great the Sun was that day, although we did spend most of the walk in the shaded woods.

I love this picture - Partly because Mom and Dad are so cute, but mostly because Ben is up on the top of the Water Fall, and in typical Ben style he has no idea the picture is even being taken.

Just some Scenery - the sun was amazing that day, but of course I didn't get any real good pictures because we spent most the time in the shade of the trees. I did sneak out of the trees for a second to grab this one though.

Here's one of the four of us. The best part about this picture is it shows the Hoody Dad is wearing. For some reason we thought it would make sense for dad to wear my hoody and for me to wear Ben's. It didn't even cross our minds that I could wear my own (which fits me perfect) and that Dad could wear Ben's (which would fit him a lot better). Oh well.

And Finally my Favourite. I love this one of Ben and Dad Walking. I love the path they are walking on with the roots sticking out all over. I love the forest they are walking towards and how it looks like it needs some serious sun to liven it up. But mostly I just love how they are walking and how relaxed they seem to be with each other. I would love to know what they were talking about.. I imagine one (and it could be either) was bestowing the other with some fascinating piece of wisdom. I love how their interests are so different but most definitely complimentary - they make good friends.

Anyways, those are my favourites from the day...I hope you enjoyed.

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Mom said...

I love you like you were an only child!