Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas '06

So, I think I've started a habit of apologizing at the beginning of each post for my long here it goes again: I'm sorry I haven't blogged in so long, but life really does get busy and sometimes computer time is the last thing on my "to do" list, so I never get around to blogging. Anyway, that's a lame excuse, but I kind of think not many people really read my blog anyways, so no one really cares all that much.

Anyway, we made it through Christmas!! That's all I have to say!

Ok, you want details?? I'll give 'em to ya. We went to Claresholm for a little get together on Saturday (the 23rd) with Bens family and of course I forgot my camera. But really, who wants to see my pictures of the event when Rebecca's there snapping pics of everyone? No one. So I don't feel bad. We had fun, although I think we're in a bit of trouble for not following the "price limit" that no one told us about. I can't be blamed for something I didn't know about. Anyway, sometimes you've got to look forward to Christmas.

So on Sunday, Ben and I went to our own ward which was more than packed. Our chapel was full and the entire gym was crawling with people who couldn't find chairs to sit on. I tought my Valiant 9 class for the first time since being called, and let me tell you, they are very different from the 16/17 year old girls I'm used to teaching. It's an interesting calling and a lot of fun....and I suspect I'll spend a little less time talking about all the cute boys in the ward, which believe me I AM FINE WITH! Then after church we went to Nate and Tans for our Christmas celebration.
It started with food...lots of food:

We ate until our little (and large depending on which of my siblings you are talking to) stomachs couldn't handle anymore.

Then we had a little nativity:
I'm not sure why Ben and I were Mary and Joseph when baby Jesus wasn't even our kid...Oh well. I was Mary and it worked well enough. I don't think Ben was too excited about wearing a towel on his head, but he had no choice.

Then we went caroling to the neighbours and gave out things like Pass along cards and other good missionay tools. We had tons of fun watching Lucy dance like the little Star she is. And then we did a little Readers theatre thing which was also fun. Sorry I have no pics of these events.

We hung out for hours and hours and finally decided it was time for bed. We all got a good nights sleep thanks to the lack of kids old enough to understand the whole Santa/Christmas thing. When we woke up in the morning we opened our stocking and then ate breakfast and then opened our gifts...your basic Christmas. Let me tell you, we got S-P-O-I-L-E-D!!! I get spoiled every year so that was no surprise, but Josh (who usually gets forgotten at Christmas...and his Birthday which is only 3 weeks later) got pimped out! Literally. Among his many presents, he now has this total pimpn' suit and a ton of accesories to go with it. I have a feeling mom and dad are trying to get him married off. Speaking of which, did you know they are now in the singles ward with him? I guess he needed someone there give him a little push, or maybe it's to keep the slimey boys away from Sarah. Really, It could be both.

Ok, I'm totally off topic. Back to Christmas. So we had a fun Christmas day just hanging out, watching movies and playing games. We had an amazing Christmas dinner made by Nate and Tan (congrats on your first very succesful Turkey Dinner!!). It was seriously sooooo good, good enough that I now want to sign up for Tans stress free Christmas class. She had this whole dinner thing under complete control. Now, if you could have only been there to compare it to the Breakfast I was in charge of. I made bagel/cheese/bacon sandwhiches...which had me full on freaking out within half an hour. Tan mad a full Turkey dinner with the entire works and didn't have a single freak out moment. You should have seen her go!

Anyway, Marcus and Alexander got matching PJ's and were soooo cute all day long! Here's one of Ben playing with them...aren't they sweet??

And finally, here's a sure sign that your Husband had a good Christmas!! (also a sure sign your Husband is addicted to his tools...the new saw will stay in the living room until all of his friends have seen it which could be days or weeks or even months....please pray for me.)

Ben got so many tools he can hardly handle it! I htink he's most proud of this new saw...he got a free impact driver with it. Now let me explain Ben and his power tool obsession. He started out with a 14V drill, which wasn't enough, so he got this Rigid Combo Kit; which also wasn't enough so he needed to get this Bosch Saw . So for those of you that don't use tools and need some explanation as to why I think this is crazy, I'll explain. He has a 14V drill, an 18V drill; a 14V impact driver (just like a drill in my eyes) and a 12V impact driver, a reciprocating saw, a circular saw, and now a pimpin' mitre saw. This isn't even touching on the countless number of non power tools he has or even the ones he uses for his business. These are his personal tools. Does anyone really need this many tools?? I've been told many times that a man can never have too many tools, so to that I say:

A woman can never have too many shoes...or jeans...or shirts...or dresses...or diamonds.

With that, all I have left to say is I hope you had a Merry Christmas and hope you have a Happy New Year! I know I will.


Mom said...

It was a yummy time. The food was great, the gifts given and received were amazing, and the company was the absolute best. We had such an awesome time. Then yesterday, we had the crowd over here and it was so much more noisier, busy and hectic. How do Nathan and Tanya do it? Smooth, easy, and warm hosting -- they're soooo good at it.
And about Ben's power tools, good thing we had these cute pictures of him playing with the nephews or we might think he's too tuff for us. :) Hugs and love, Mom

Tan said...

What a great play-by-play - can I copy it into my journal? A little too kind on my part, but I won't complain. I think you forgot to mention how you had to babysit the boys the whole time so I could do stuff - who wouldn't be relaxed with a break like that? Otherwise, a fine commentary:) Glad Ben got his tools - you know it's for the greater good!