Thursday, December 07, 2006

It's almost Christmas!!!!

So it's taken us a few days, but Ben and I finally got the tree up and decorated. We have this great system...Ben puts the lights on (all 500 of them) and then I decorate all I want. I don't criticize his lights and he doesn't mock my decorations, well besides the bow on top. We just can't find something we like, so the bow will have to do for now!
We also have this great system where he puts up the outside lights (Ben has a thing for lights) and I watch...from inside that is. Although last night he had me climb the ladder to hold something for him...I was almost in tears b the end (not a fan of heights) so he eventually sent me inside to program the light timer.

Here are the pictures of the outside lights. Can I just say how hard it is to take a picture on the night setting when I'm shivering? That should explain the blurry picture.

Here's one with a flash and not on night setting...I think you get the idea.

So there's a story behind these lights. It all started the day Ben was born...he was born with some strange obsessions, one of them being the need to have everything be perfect. Our lights for example! He would not settle for the regular icicle lights, he needed the LED ones. And let me tell you, LED icicle lights are H-A-R-D to find!!! Last year we spent an entire week searching through every single Walmart trying to find enough lights to finish the house properly. And when I say searching I mean it, I was crawling on the floor looking under shelves, climbing on the shelves stealing lights from others carts and so one (keep in mind I was pregnant with twins at the time, so it was quite the site). Anyway, each Walmart had about one string and we needed EIGHT! So after coming home short handed every day, we finally decided to look online to see what other retailers carried these same lights. Well, to our surprise London Drugs had them too...and even more to our surprise, the were fully stocked!! When we walked in the store we found a million strings of the exact lights we needed within 5 minutes. Note to self...skip Walmart next time and go for London Drugs first, you can always count on them. So, that's the story, but what I think is the funniest part of all, is Ben is still bothered by the lights. Supposedly he thinks one of the strings is a different colour from the rest. Can you tell which one?? I can't, but once in a while I bring it up just to bug him...ahhh the joys of being married to a perfectionist.


Anonymous said...

You guys are too funny! And no I cant tell the MISCOLOURED light string! And I just have to say HOW CUTE your house is, I LOVE it!!

Mom said...

Oh, dear, poor Ben,

He must really suffer coming to our home and seeing our annual attempt at Christmas lights. :) Can you say "Duct tape" and "Afternoon of Christmas Eve" in the same sentence? What about, "The string is too long, so the last metre just hangs loose at the end of the eaves?"