Tuesday, March 04, 2008

I hate my computer!

Seriously, I do. Well...it's sort of a love hate thing. I loooove that it cares enough for me that it gives me the Internet (meaning all my blogs and Google - oh and of COURSE Facebook). But I hate that it's super messed up. We've got viruses or something. Whatever the problem is, I can't do a thing on here! The screen freezes....blacks out...freezes and then works about every three or four seconds. So, in the time it's taken to write this blog I've had to sit and wait three times while it figured out what it's supposed to be doing. All I can say is this mouse is very very lucky the computer room is right next to Hailey's room otherwise I would not keep stopping myself mid throw. Seriously, I've had the mouse in my hand, ready to throw it at the screen and then a little voice reminds me that Hailey's sleeping and I should wait to complete my rage toss later. Ugggh. So anyway, I'm going to reformat this computer. We've got everything backed up...we've got all our installation disks and things are good to go...EXCEPT....we are missing our Microsoft Office installation disk. Waaaahhhh. We bought a legitimate copy of it and now we can't find it. So frustrating. Needless to say, the computer reformat is ON HOLD until we find that disc...because I'm no where near ready to spend a load of money on something when I already own it. So, that means I'll have to continue this self restraint thing and try to keep the mouse and keyboard intact, and I might just not blog nearly as much because I can't get anything done. Ahhhh! Anyway...that's my life.


Francis Family said...

your hilarious! And yes I hate my computer too. I keep having this pop-up say I have over 3000 viruses or something! haha oh well as long as i can get on the internet i'm happy. When we move i'll invest in a newer one, thank goodness. Cuz yes I want to kill my computer some days too!

Anonymous said...

get a mac. I've had mine for 5 years....not one single problem :)

Lita said...

my laptop just decided to break down too. i bought a hard drive enclosure and and just using all the stuff on it through my desktop. it's really handy!