Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm back

So...I reformatted my computer. I researched as much as I could and I felt like I was totally prepared for it. And I was...for the most part. Except for the whole part where I didn't make a copy of my recovery discs before I started the reformat, and then the computer ate my discs (literally) and then the company that sold me my computer decided it's not getting along with the company that made the computer (who is also not getting along with the real company that made the computer). Which all means...my computers a write off. Normally you can just buy recovery discs from your manufacturer. For example, if it was a dell, I'd just log onto the dell website, and order them or $30-$50. But when you buy a computer from a certain Canadian Electronics company (should I name names?? Let's just say they are supposedly in the 'future'), who claims the computer is their store brand, but then decides a year later that they no longer want a store brand computer. So that 'store brand' decides to cut all ties with the store and also with the real manufacturer of the computer. Meaning, there are three companies out here who have access to the recovery discs I need...but all three companies are refusing to cooperate. And trust me I've tried. I spent probably 6 hours on the phone with the true manufacturer, another six with the brand name company, and another six with the store. Plus....I spent a good half hour in the store trying to buy them from the techies....who were soooo uncooperative and sooooo unrealistically rude. Basically, I left that store in tears (and so steaming mad that I had to 'cool' off in the car for a few minutes before I drove away).

Anyway, if you followed this saga, you're a saint! Basically all I wanted to get out was that I had a totally legit reason for not blogging...and also that I'm still bitter about the whole computer thing. So, as it sits right now, we have a perfectly good computer that is temporarily useless because it's waiting for recovery discs that may never appear. In the mean time we had to buy a new computer so I can do all sorts of wonderful things, like blogstock, check Facebook, write complaint letters to companies that won't sell me recovery discs and so on.

Also...in between all this computer madness...we've had a pretty busy few weeks. I'll update you on all that later. But until then here is a picture of the Hailey babe in her toothy glory:

Cute hey??


Lita said...

that sounds stressful and annoying! :s
Hailey is soo cute with all those teeth!

Kevyn said...

Oh my goodness! Look at all those teeth! I am not looking forward to Noah getting his own set of chompers. She's adorable!

Jeni, Brian & Natalie said...

teeth make her look so old!

Jewel said...

Oh my, she's growing!! What a cute shot! Goodluck with the computer!! I feel for ya!

Gary&Emily Stanford said...

that is amazing she has all those teeth now! how adorable. I can't believe Roel is 10 months old and still only has the bottom two. Hailey's really grown from a baby into a little girl.

amy w. said...

We don't shop at that same store anymore, because of the same 90% of the reasons you listed... Hope your luck with computers gets better soon. :)