Monday, July 21, 2008

For my Records

So I have big plans to 'blurb' this blog one day. And since I'm the ultra-procrastinator...and WAY to unorganized, I haven't really kept a baby book for Hailey. But I think this blog has been good enough, I've kept track of most her milestones - sorta. So Anyway, just so I remember what she's up to and where she's at right now (figuratively speaking...of course I don't mean that she's in her crib napping right now, which of course she is. because she loves me so much and knows I LOVE her naps. Isn't that the way it works?? NO?? Sometimes the best babies don't nap...even if they love their moms to pieces?? Oh, man I'm soooo in for it when I have another baby, I just know) Anyway, I digress. So...I'm just making a quick Hailey post, something that I can look back on and remember what she was like at ONE! This is for you Hailey,

At one year old, you:

  1. still like to take two naps a day, but can handle one
  2. hardly ever wake up at night anymore, although this weekend you were sick with some stomach bug and you puked in your bed, which meant you were up for a LOT that night
  3. have your 8 front teeth, two molars and one that will pop through any day/hour/minute/second. Who knows
  4. only walk...crawling is sooo last month
  5. just barely learned how to come down the stairs...just days after we bought that baby gate.
  6. your feet are getting bigger every day. You now wear a size four....which might actually be kind of small for your age, but WAY bigger then they were last month
  7. your hair is long enough on top for a little pony tail...and long enough in the back for some pig tails (we might actually go out with the pig tails...if we liked the mullet pigtail look..but we don't really, so you have to deal with the pony on top)
  8. LOVE...can I say it again? you LOVE dogs. Anytime you see a 'duh-ee' you squeal with joy and laugh and squirm and fight to get to that dog. In fact, we've been babysitting Daisy (G-ma and G-pa McCance's dog) this week and you wake up ever morning asking for "Duh-ee??" So cute. You love to cuddle and pet and touch Daisy. And Daisy, being the sweet dog that she is, lets you.
  9. Can say mommy, daddy, duhee (doggy), lub(love), Huh (hug) and baby
  10. you have no fear...of pretty much anything. The slide at the park?? No problem. The water at the Beach? No problem. The stairs? No problem. Ok, they're all problems for mom, but not for you!
  11. Are in the 90th %-ile for height and 5oth for weight...still
  12. You are soooo loved by everyone around you. SOOOOOOO loved.

And that's it for now. And for those of you who just look at pictures and don't read. Here are some pics of the family in Waterton a few weeks back.

One of my all time favourites of Hailey and I...I LOVE the little arm on my back

Hailey and her dad

The family

The girls

The girls again...and a really mean mom who had no idea her baby was upside down. oops.


Angie said...

I've never heard on a Blurb. What a great idea!

Christine Peterson said...

oh my flip, how weird is this: My coworker just brought in a blurb book and I was like I gotta check out that website,looks pretty cool. And here it is on your blog!!!!! Great idea huh for you bloggers! Great post!

Laura Taylor said...

I am totally blurbing too! yay! Love th concept, that is what keeps me motivated to continue blogging ven when I am tired or don't feel like it. I have a baby book too, just because, well i just thought it was classic, btu anyway my kids are goign to be like, "what the, what is this book, it's not digital? Mom, you are so last decade!"

Meagan McCance said...

bahaha...'so last decade' I'm totally stealing that one!

Jewel said...

Love the photos...especially that little hand on your back. Too sweet. Thanks for your link about a "blurb".