Monday, August 11, 2008

Pictures - and more

Alright, here are some pics from the last few weeks. Like I said a few posts ago, we had a little intimate Birthday party for Hailey two weeks ago and it some how snowballed into a giant gong show. I knew that with the size of my family things couldn't stay small, but I did NOT realize that it would actually be as huge as it really was. It didn't seem so big on paper. Anyway, we ended up having the party at Nate and Tans cause there was no way our house would accommodate that many people. In then end though, it was a lot of fun...very busy, but fun. Something we'll never do again, but something we're glad we did do. Hailey had a few Birthday girl moments (i.e. it's my party and I can cry if I want to), but overall she seemed to have a lot of fun. She loved the cupcakes I made again, she loved Nate's hamburger, she loved sitting on Tans knee to eat, loved all her presents, and she LOVED wearing the dress I wore on my first Birthday. Oh wait, I think that last 'love' was mine...oops. If I can find a picture of me on my first B-day I'll have to post a can clearly see the resemblance. She is definitely my baby. Blond, but still mine...and I know, just know there's a blond joke to be made here about me somehow, but I'm not going to give in. I'm not a blond anymore!

This is Hailey and cousin Emily's little guy. Maybe they'll be friends one day!

It was definitely Hailey's party...and she pretty much was allowed to do anything she wanted, crying included!

Oh...I forgot, so before we went on Holiday's, we went to a little baseball game here in town. Canadian baseball is oh so different from American baseball. But it was still so fun, the stands were packed and the crowd was crazy. Hailey L-O-V-E-D every single second of the game. She sat still for three hours straight! If only church were that interesting...

Oh, and Chris and Lauren were there too...we pretty much do everything they do, I guess that's one of the perks of having your husbands work together and just living down the street from each other. I LOVE IT!

And finally, our Holidays:

Some lake...MacDonald maybe??

Cute...just plain old cute

Nice face hey?? I can see where Hailey gets her attitude from.

Another lake...maybe it's the same one, who knows.

Snow in August??? WHAT?? No...that NEVER happens where I'm from

The Shadow Family

Playing in the Water, and yep those white things are my legs...just soaking up (or reflecting) some rays

Hailey's favourite place in the RV

More water...this kid LOVED the water

Gophers are almost as cool as dogs...almost

Some Mountain from the hike we took at the top of Logans Pass...pretty blue sky hey?

And a lake just before Hungry Horse was so clalm and pretty, I had to take a picture

Waiting at the border on our way close, so close
Oh and crafty moment of the YEAR!! I made a little bow holder for all Hailey's bows, because she is so well accessorized by this little company here and needs to keep up with the cute little baby that will be born to this amazing person from this blog. It's all about keeping up with the competition around here, right? Kidding, that's actually where I got the idea for her bow holder. I had planned on something else, but it required too much of Ben's power tool time, so I decided that this was something I could do all by myself. Although ... Ben stapled all the fabric on because I couldn't hammer the stapler thing hard enough, and then he put all the ribbon on because he's more of a perfectionist then I am, and he even nailed those little silver nails in too because I was scared I was going to wreck it, and he even put the last coat of paint in the frame too because the coats I did weren't smooth enough. So, for a project I did 'completely by myself, without using up all Ben's precious time' I think it turned out really well. Don't ya think?? Next week I'll show you another crafty thing that I did 'all by myself'. Who am I kidding here? I'm definitely no Martha Stewart...I'm just a mom who likes to stretch the truth about how crafty she really is. Regardless, here is the bow holder, cute hey?


Angie said...

The accessory holder turned out so cute. I love the list of things that Ben did on it!
Great pictures of your holiday. Glad you had fun!

Christine Peterson said...

thanks for posting the pics. you know our husbands are a lot alike. I always involve him in a project and then he says "i did most of it" and he did. he's a perfectionist too! so i totally understand. i love the bow cute. your pics are great, good thing you got a great camera ;)

Jewel said...

Great photos!!! Seriously loved them. Looks like your summer is going really well. You've got a sweet mom to have kept the dress you wore on your first birthday. I think that's so sweet!!!!!!!

Blog Stalker said...

Way cool post. Loks like so much fun, especially the lake pictures. I wonder what is so different about Canadian baseball?

Great blog!

The Taylors said...

DO you know who this blog stalkr is? Weird.... anyway I love thoe photos from your trip! Where did you go? And Hailey is so cute in her birthday dress, and i love the bow holder, you really are crafty!!!