Wednesday, August 27, 2008

I'm a bad Blogger

I really am...I'm also a bad memory maker or keeper. I haven't really been thinking too much about pictures, or blogs or anything besides hanging out with Hailey and Ben lately. Hailey's been teething again...ugh. But I think we're almost through the worst of it. This 13 month old has her eight front incisors, her first four molars and her top two canines, for a grand total of 14 teeth! WOW. It's definitely a mouth full. I hope her bottom two canines pop through soon and I hope, (really really hope) we have a bit of a break before her two year molars come through...pray for us!

So that's kind of all that we've been working on lately. Oh...I changed out two toilets last week. You might be asking yourself how a girl who cleaned her first toilet only after she moved out of her parents home is now brave enough to change out two entire toilets. I asked myself the same question. Well, I married a plumber. Not technically a plumber, but his dad and brother are plumbers, and they work together, which means he sees his fair share of toilets. parents needed new toilets, so we got stuck with the job. Actually Ben did...and when I started mocking him too much, he made me help him out - just so I can now appreciate what he does every day. Let me just say, I appreciate him! Taking a 35 year old toilet off the pipe is NOT fun, scraping the OLD wax seal is NOT fun, replacing it with a new toilet is NOT fun either. Appreciating the fact that I'll never do that again IS fun. **Shudder**

Oh another last week Hailey and I were shopping. We were looking around Children's Place when I noticed these two girls and their little girls walk into the store. Instant recognition! Seriously, I know these girls. Maybe I've never met them before, but I know them well enough. So that's the problem, we've never actually met in real life, in the Blog world we've stalked each other...but never met. So I tried to discretely make my way out of the store without making eye contact - it's never fun to admit how much of a loser you are...but Hailey had other plans. She decided that she wanted to go say hi to the little girls. So all of us stood there while our kids acknowledged each other. I have to say, it was awkward for me at least. So of course I like to add to the awkwardness and decided to point out that I read their Blogs...and thank goodness they let me down easily by admitting that they read mine too. Phew. What could have been totally a totally awkward nerdville type run-in, ended really well. They even gave me a hint on where to find some cute leggings for my little kiddo. Anyway...I called Ben when I left the store and let him enjoy a good laugh at my expense. He truly thinks I'm the biggest nerd ever. Anyway...hi Caitlin and Meaghan! I hope you don't mind that I'm writing about this...or that I used your names. But I thought it was funny. So, now we've officially met in a strange creepy sort of way.

So that's it. Maybe one of these days I'll start taking pictures again and actually uploading them to the computer and even posting them on this blog. Maybe.


Anonymous said...

Hey! Just checking in from Tofino! My toilets are pretty new, but now that I know you can do it we might get them changed just for fun!Don't know where you guys are this weekend but now that you're going to be better at blogging I guess we'll find out soon:)

Dionne said...

Maybe I better be more careful about teasing my husband about his career. Plumbing is bad enough, but what about a husband who deals with municipal wastewater?

I shudder to think of the possible ways he could get payback.

Fam & Friends said...

That is funny!!! I totally blog stalk! Kinda fun. I don't get to do it as often anymore and I kinda miss it. I am a nerd though and I will readily admit it!

Fam & Friends said...

Umm, I don't know who the heck that is that last comment was made by me, Yvonne. See ya.