Saturday, March 07, 2009

Potty Training?

I've been thinking a lot about potty training and how Hailey is sooooo not ready yet! She's just NOT even interested...and that's fine with me. She's not even two yet! But, I do think we're making progress as far as the 'being comfortable with the toilet' thing goes.

Wouldn't you say?? In fact, she may love this toilet a bit too much! Don't worry it was a brand new toilet...not even installed yet (which would explain why it's in the middle of the living room); so it was clean. It is now nicely situated in our basement bathroom though, and she is no longer allowed to play in it.

Besides not potty training Hailey, we have been working on teaching her how to smile for the camera. This is the best we could get:
I may be biased...but that's pretty cute.
So, last week was just gorgeous up here...for March that is. It wasn't summer weather (well depending on what kind of summer day we're talking about); but it was 'melt all the snow and splash in puddles' kind of weather. So we took a little trip to the park. Hailey wasn't too sure about me pushing her on the swing at first.

But once I let go, she LOVED it!
We also so lots of 'a-payz' (Airplanes) in the sky. Did you know that airplanes say Choo-choo? I didn't, but Hailey's pretty sure of it.
But mostly we spent the entire afternoon splashing in every single puddle in sight. Trust me, we didn't miss a single one.
And finally, is this not the face of a Guilty child?? A child who found the Cake Mom made and just started mowing down on it?? It is. That's my sneaky child. Gotta love her!
Oh right...I can't forget to add this picture of me from last week - before my eventful fall down the stairs (which I'm still recovering from ...but doing better). Anyway, I think I'm about 23 weeks in this picture. Like the cheesy smile??

So that's it. Nothing - I repeat nothing exciting has happened in my home in the last week. I've done a LOT of standing because the sitting thing just hasn't gone over that well. I've done a lot of sleeping and eating. So the weight's packin' on that's for sure. Hailey's been cute as ever. So although my home is boring, there's been lots of excitement in the family! My brother and is wife had a beautiful little girl this week. Oh she is going to be spoiled! She's an absolute doll!


Francis Family said...

You are still so skinny! You look awesome! Love the belly, it's so cute! Are you measuring about the same as you did with Hailey? Sorry if I spell her name wrong ever I have a neice who spells it 'Haley' so it confuses me. Anyways I still can't believe how big she is, she is so cute!

Jeni said...

dang girl you look good!
and I love love the toilet picture!

Jewels said...

you look fantastically adorably pregnant :)

I love the pictures of Hailey, she is such a cutie!

Angie said...

love the toilet picture. the pictures of Hailey are so cute. you do a great job taking pictures!

Jewel said...

You look awesome! Hailey is adorable!

The Taylors said...

Sorry abotu your tail bone, I hope you are feeling better! I love all your photos, you are getting really good! I came home to this weather and can't even imagine splashing in puddles! Looks like fun! You look great too!

Annette said...

The toilet picture is fabulous. Love it. I imagine that one will make it into the wedding video.
You are looking mighty cute being pregnant. Hope you are feeling better.

Tanya said...

Hardly a boring life - how many people get a toilet in their living room? That's eventful:)
Oh, and thanks for the pictures again - I'm so lucky to have such an amazing one of Tia at the hospital!

Anonymous said...

Love the getting used to the toilet comment and picture -- and the puddles and choo-choo planes.
You're a great Mom, it would be fun to be a child in your home.
Love, G-Ma

Lorie said...

You look great! And your little girl in the toilet is hilarious!