Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I'm still here...

I'm just busy and lazy! But here's a quick update:

I'm getting fat - I'm about 34 weeks along right now and I'm getting soooooo BIG! I'm half ready to be done and half terrified of the sleepless nights. I wasn't so scared the first time around because I had no idea how hard it would be. But this time I know - and it scares me. The good thing is it doesn't last too long - hopefully! I don't have any pictures though. I'll have to take some and update a bit later.

We had Easter - Hailey totally got it this year! She LOVED the Easter egg hunt and G-ma and G-pa's and she loved the mini one we did here at home. She loved the chocolate too! I wonder where she gets that from??:) Here are some of my favourites of the babe from Easter:


Finding Eggs

Just looking so pretty

Finding Eggs at Grandma and Grandpas

Helping Dad find the eggs

We had the Easter Fireside - I spent waaaay too much time stressing over it all. And in the end it was beautiful! Almost 200 people showed up and the music was perfect!! Seriously, so perfect. There are so many talented people in this world - I'm not one of them, but it was fun to work so closely with them all.
We had mother's day - which was wonderful and busy. We spent half the day in Claresholm and half in Calgary. Hailey LOVES her grandmas!! You should have seen the fit she had when one of our nieces tried to sit on Hailey's grandma's knee in Claresholm. Like she should have known that Grandma is only Hailey's Grandma - and she is NOT for sharing. It was a fun day. My gift from Hailey and Ben was a card, some flowers and some much needed shopping for this little baby that's coming soon. I've been stressing about not being ready for the baby for so long, so it was a nice present when Ben took Hailey and I out to gear up for the baby. It doesn't sound like much - but it was the best present ever!

And that's it. We're now just gearing up for another RV season and a new baby. It seems like life is NOT slowing down. And I wouldn't mind it if it did. Oh - I should also mention something that I think is totally adorable! Hailey has friends - like real friends. She sees them all the time and LOVE's them - even though she cries a lot when they're around (she's having a hard time with the sharing thing). Anyway, if we're not with her friends at the moment she's always asking for them. "Mommy - where's KYKA? Where's HOWIE?? Where??" Over and over and over again. Sooooo cute. She also loves to tell everyone she knows or meets that she has friends and proceeds to repeat their names over...and over...and over again. Gotta love this stage! It's fun! Even with it's challenges - which I'll post about later - I NEED advice!
Anyway, here are two more of my favourite pictures from the past 5 weeks. Hailey's first Popsicle (or pocko as she says) and a ride of the 'wings' as she likes to say.


The Taylors said...

oh she is just the sweetest thing! I love her face in the first picture! When are you coming for another play date so heidi and her can be friends too???

Julie Allred said...

She is the cutest! I even call her Kyka now, haha=) I am glad they are all friends, it so cute to watch them play.

Lahni said...

Cute easter dress!

Annette said...

Cute Easter dress! Oh hey, someone just said that before me.

Jewels said...

what a cutie, she is gettin so big! and happy belated mother's day! I think women who are prego for mother's day deserve extra chocolate. or a massage. or something.

lisa slocombe said...

aw, i love that she calls the swings wings - it makes her flyyyyyyy! so cute.

oh, and about the sleepless nights?
i totally wish i would have had hugh feed the baby a bottle just ONCE in the middle of when i was the most sleep deprived. then i wouldn't have gotten so delirious.

and it doesn't last forever, just remember that! :D

Anonymous said...

I love, love, love this post and not just because I've been waiting so long for a new post. ;)
Hailey Babe is so darling, you've caught her personality and her expressions in both your words and pictures. I think I'll call swings "wings" from now on, it really makes sense.
Love, G-Ma

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I'm back again. I just had to correct a couple of things in your post: you are not fat! You are just pregnant, very definitely so!
And, you ARE one of the talented ones. You sang, you played the piano and you organized the most touching, spiritual and amazing Easter firesides. I hope you kept your notes because it's certainly a repeater.
Hugs from the Ma part of G-Ma :)