Friday, May 22, 2009

Big and Small - Hailey at 22 months

I just love watching Hailey learn new things...seeing the look in her eyes when something 'clicks' and then seeing her use her knew found knowledge in her little world. It's so rewarding and so amazing!

Today was one of those fun moments of learning...or actually, the application of her learning. She has a book called "It's not easy being Big" and it's all about big and small things. We read it a lot and she seems to love it...but I'm never sure if she's actually comprehending the lessons it tries to teach. So, today we were reading books before her nap. I'd already read her a few books and told her that she could choose "One last book." So she wondered over to her book collection and fingered through a few books. She pulled one out, looked it over and tossed it to the side "no...(s)mall". She picked up another small book, tossed and repeated "no...(s)mall". This process went on for a good minute until she found the biggest book she could see and exclaimed "Yeaaaaah!! BIG!" and brought it over to me to read. Which we did.

So not only has she figured out the difference between Big and Small...but she's learned some pretty smart delay tactics. If only she could figure out how to control the speed I read the book to her, then she could really delay nap time...I imagine that skills not far off!


Jewel said...

That's such a sweet little memory you captured. She's indeed growing up, and getting ready for this new little one to arrive. What's even more lovely, is when you'll hear Hailey reading to your new baby (and copying other little nurturing ways). Hope you are feeling well!

Anonymous said...

So cute, so smart, and so obviously an inherited trait!
Love & hugs, G-Ma