Tuesday, June 02, 2009

I've been sewing!

Yep - I've been busy sewing for this new little baby. I'm in the home stretch now - 28 days until the big due date - which means almost nothing! Anyway, I've been madly trying to get things ready. We just ordered Hailey a new "Big Girl bed" and hope it gets here soon. I'm still not sure if she'll be in it any time soon - since we all love the Crib! Hailey especially loves it. But at least it's on it's way and she will have the choice soon enough. I have all the clothes unpacked, washed and put away. We have diapers and a few other necessities all ready to go. So now we're down to the last few things...like the car seat, the cradle, my hospital bag and a coming home outfit for the little baby. Once those are done, all we have left to do is wait.

So here are two of my blankets:

The minky one - oh soooo soft

And the throw-down quilt (big enough to lay a baby on, too small to cuddle, but small enough that I can lay it on the floor with one hand - PERFECT!) The quilting on this one took HOURS!! It was my first real quilt ever and I've learned quite a few things (like how to cut better then I did, how to sew the pieces together better then I did, how to not quilt so tightly together so it won't take hours and hours to finish the final touch) BUT I think it still turned out kind of cute! Actually I love the quilting I did - it took forever, but I wouldn't change it...at least not on this quilt.

I plan on quilting two more - one for Hailey's new bed and a matching one for the babies crib. Those are less of a priority though - so they'll be done...eventually.

So besides being totally consumed with nesting we've also been trying to get out in the RV a bit before out lives change completely (We're hoping on two more trips before the baby comes). We did take a trip down to Montana on May long. All I can say is there is nothing better then a portable DVD player. Seriously, the 5 hour drive would have been unbearable without it.
Look at how mesmerized Hailey is

Here's one of the little girl in her favourite chair, eating her breakfast in the RV. Pretty cozy.

Hailey and I...and the big-rig (that would be my 34 week belly - after a 5 hour drive). Not the best situation I've been in, that's for sure!

When we're not RV-ing, I'm usually just my regular old white trash self...as shown here:

That's what my lucky neighbours got to see last weekend...in my defense, I was 35 weeks pregnant and needed to do some painting/crafting outside. I have NOTHING that fits that can get really dirty. So, out came the pre-pregnnacy trash clothes. Nice hey?? I honestly should not be sharing...but it is kind of funny.

Anyway, when I'm not totally white trash, or sewing, or nesting, or cleaning; I'm speding my time trying to prepare Hailey for the new baby. We've hit some seriously awful terrible two's. Wow. That's all I can say. The good thing is when she's not being 'terrible' she's really really really sooooo sweet. I'm totally loving her more and more each day. She really is cute. We're just getting a lot of extremes in the mood department...which might just be her personality - she is my daughter you know!

Speaking of cute, here's Hailey new favourite spot, under her new slide (thanks to Chantelle and Sheldon). She LOVES playing with her babies in there. Cute hey?

And finally here is my 36 week belly in all it's glory!

So hopefully I can post a few more times - and then hopefully the baby will be here!! YAY!


Randa said...

Okay so I totally LOVE the blankies! Mad skill girl! Im super excited for you having your new little one - I have found two SOOOO much easier than one!! Hailey will do 90% of the entertaining =)

Christine Peterson said...

so cute Meagan! I love your white trash get up! You don't look trashy at all ;) I'm glad you quilted a blue blanket....just in case.

Caroline said...

You look so adorable Meagan! That pic of you in your painting clothes is so so cute too! Well it's coming soon!

The Taylors said...

You look so great all the time! I cannot believe how sticky out your belly gets! And nothing to show for it anywhere else! I LOVE THE BLANKETS!!! I have been nagging a friend of mine to teach me how to quilt, maybe I'll join the club soon! Looks so rewarding to think you made that all by yourself! I am so impressed!

Dashanne said...

Wow, your blankets are so good. I love them!!!!!!! Your belly is so cute you so cute be a pregnant model!!!!!!!!

Francis Family said...

You are so cute Meagan! And the terrible two's I hear ya! Great job on the blankets, and thanks for the pictures of your belly, good luck in the next few weeks!! keep us updated!

Julie Spackman said...

kudos on the sewing! I love that you've got a list of "priority" vs "low priority" projects goin... I'm the same way :) it never stops!

You look fantastic!!

Aaron & Stacey Salmon said...

You look so cute!
Love the blankets!

Sarah said...

I want to sew a little quilt now! Those blankets are both really cute, you have a good eye for beauty. I'm trying to think of the right word for your blog. Maybe "unaffected". It's refreshing.

Jeni said...

you have always been and will alwasy be the cutest prego mama around! white trash? no I say hottie!

Anonymous said...

Those blankets are SOOOOO cute Meagan! Holy cow!
And seriously, is your belly even physically possible? It defies gravity! I can't believe how incredibly cute you are!


Anonymous said...

I agree with all the cute comments -- on how cute you look, on how cute your tummy is, on how cute Hailey is and on how cute the blankets are.
Not only are you cute, but in the last pic of you in the dress, squinting through the view finder, you're gorgeous!
Love and hugs,

Jewel said...

You look amazing!!! And those blankets!!!! I hope your delivery goes well. What an exciting time for your family right now!! (and way to go, camping....and so close to delivering!)

lisa slocombe said...

that is absolutely incredible, you are so small, but have a tummy that sticks so far out! your body is a wonderland.... lol

youdid great on the blankies!! way to go! sounds like a bit of nesting coming in.