Thursday, June 25, 2009

A Picture Update

Do you ever have months where you take hundreds and hundreds of pictures...and then some where you take next to nothing? Well, June is a hundreds and hundreds of pictures kind of month. We've been busy and I've had my I thought I'd share.

The month started out with an afternoon in the pool. We've been having WONDERFUL weather lately, so a few days in the kiddie pool are a must around here. Hailey put on last years swimsuit to mark the occasion, it only took 5 minutes of stretching to get into it...but I don't think her ego is damaged.

Then after that we had a week of rainy out came the finger paints. This was a first in our home and I was sooooo nervous of a huge mess the whole time! But Hailey did really well, and I did ok considering the fact that the paints I opened were not actually finger paints, but 3D paints. And although the packaging said they were washable...they weren't so much. Well after 10 minutes of intense scrubbing they were. But Hailey had fun and I let her do it again a few times that week. And on a fun and exciting note - Hailey learned to say all her colours! She can't quite match them to the colour yet, but she can say them! Only a mom would be proud of such an accomplishment - but it really is so fun to hear her learning new words and trying to apply them.

After the Colouring, we made a few trips to the Zoo. I'm now a proud season pass holder, which means I can go whenever I want! La di da! We've been with friends and family a few times and plan to go many many more times this is Hailey with her cousins! She's the little one in the white hat - the one that doesn't look like a boy!

After our Zoo trips, we went camping with the Allreds in our ward. We headed out to Writing on Stone and had a blast! It was soooo stinkin' hot there (38C) so I was oh so grateful for the Air conditioned RV...which technically isn't camping, but still fun! Hailey had a blast with Kyka (Kyla) and she just couldn't love Julie anymore! We had fun hiking in the Hoodoo's and Ben had fun freaking me out while he hiked and jumped around - with Hailey on his shoulders.

Dad 'babysitting'. Classic

While we were down at Writing on Stone, we stopped in at the boarder and picked up Hailey's new toddler bed. Oh my, it's sooooo cute! And she's so in love with it. The first night we tried to put her in it didn't work out so well - she came to the door three times whimpering and half crying. So she slept in the crib that night - because you can't not give in to her sweet little whimper. But day two was a breeze and has been since! The novelty hasn't worn off yet - which works wonders at nap time! She's more than willing to give up her fun activities as long as she gets to go sleep in her new bed! Gotta love it!

Let's see...what's next? Oh yeah, we've had a few good afternoon thunder showers which was just so wonderful for me and my little daughter who is starting to become afraid of sounds - sense the sarcasm?? Seriously, all I hear these days is "wuz dat noise??" All day long - for every noise you can imagine! Really. Sometimes she's really good at figuring it out, but sometimes it gets her really really worked up. Hailey did love playing in the rain one afternoon though and even enjoyed hearing the distant thunder - well, once I explained to her that it was the clouds bumping into each other that is.

Then we had a few days of dressing up in mommy's high heels and getting all pretty. I LOVE having a daughter for this exact reason!!

After that we headed up to Ol MacDonalds resort for a camping family reunion with my moms family! It was a lot of fun - even though I hardly slept. Hailey loved the water guns, and the train ride the most! I loved the Air conditioned trailer - again. I must be pregnant! Speaking of which...we now have Central Air Conditioning - ahhhh heavenly! For those of you who say it doesn't get hot enough up here for require it - well you just haven't tried it out. Because seriously, there is nothing better! I'm in LOVE! Anyway, here are the pics of the train...and a mischievous little girls and a water gun!

And finally here is my 39 week belly shot - with my lovely sister in law Lauren who is just 3 months behind me! We live just down the street from them, so we'll be seeing a LOT of each other once our babies are born.

And last but not least - a picture of Hailey in her 'helping dad in the garage' attire. Hailey and her dad are Best friends!! So she gets to help outside a LOT! I'm sure she'll be helping him even more once this baby arrives.

And that's it! I'm 4 days away from my due date, which means I want to have this baby right NOW! Hailey was 4 days early and I was sort of expecting the same sort of luck this time around. We shall see!


The Taylors said...

I hope you pop soon, I can't wait to see photos of the new little one! Looks like you lived up the nice june weather.

Jewel said...

Great post. Loved the pictures and hearing about all the fun you've been having. I've heard about that Old MacDonald's farm campsite. Is it so fun? Good luck with these last few days!!! Can't wait to see a picture of your new little one!

Francis Family said...
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Francis Family said...

Ok so a few comments here, lets see if I can remember! Cute coat on Hailey! I forget how to spell her name sorry, we have a niece Hailey too. Anyways, the dressing up has just begun! It's so fun, how they get so into it. Kyla is obsessed and always has been.
Cute belly, it looks familiar! You looked exactly like that with Hailey, so fun. Oh and the bed, so cute! I love it. We haven't got a bed for Kyla yet for lack of selection up here, so she is on a mattress and the boxspring on the floor which is good cuz when she falls out it isn't far. I think she has fallen out twice. Anyways fun post, hope that baby comes soon!!

Randa said...

Awesome pictures! I can't belive how fast she is growing up! I'll hope for you too that your baby decides to be ready today =) Good luck!

The Harker Family said...

What an awesome update. I can't believe how much you have been up to when you are so pregnant! Crazy, wild girl! I can't wait for you to have your baby. Keep us updated! You look fab as usual! You have a great tummy! Looks like you have had a great summer thus far. Hailey looks like a grown up little girl. So cute!

Jeni said...

that place where you went camping looks sooo cool! and your high heels that hailey is sporting, adorable!
You look soooo cute! I love you belly!

Annette said...

4 more days! How exciting! Those are some cute photos. When we were in Alberta last summer we went to Writing on Stone. I think it Kate and Jared's favorite thing they did the entire Canada trip. They just loved climbing the hoodoos. And I am impressed; you pregnant and climbing.

Hope all goes well this week. I look forward to an email from your Mom with some good news.

Anonymous said...

I love knowing how you had the baby not long after writing this post. I LOVE your belly Meagan! Best pregnant belly I've EVER seen! You are so stinking cute. And I love the picture of Hailey in your heels. So awesome. I miss you!!!

Jewels said...

whoa, did you have your baby? congrats if you did!

I LOVE the picture of Hailey in your heels, SO Adorable :) can't wait to do that with Gabby!

Take good care of yourself!