Tuesday, June 22, 2010

In 4 days

In just 4 short days I will have a one year old! Yikes! When did she stop being 6 months old? I think that's the age I stopped letting her grow...but it turns out she has a mind of her own. Oh she sure has a mind of her own. So yesterday Lauren and I took the kids for a quick walk to the park so I could take some pictures of Paige. It turns out it wasn't the best day for pictures; because besides the Mosquito's that were literally eating us alive, and besides Paige having battle wounds all over her face from a nasty wipe out last week, she is also teething and a bit sick. So I was constantly trying to wipe her nose and constantly trying to get her to open up her heavy lidded eyes. The poor girl is too congested right now. But I did manage to get a few cute pictures of the babe...and I was able to edit out her battle wounds too! So all is good.

A few things about Paige right now:

  • She has 8 1/2 teeth (the half being the molar that's almost through)

  • She doesn't talk at all - but grunts a LOT, she's really great at pointing to things and signing for what she wants. We don't technically have signs, but she's come up with a few on her own that we all understand. So it works for us

  • She adores her sister and also can't stand her

  • She Loves Loves Loves Loves her soother

  • She weaned herself from the bottle last month when we went to Vegas (speaking of which, she also weaned herself from Nursing a month earlier...she's just in a hurry to get things done I guess)

  • She eats...and eats...and eats...oh and she eats! Food is always a hit

  • She's slowly overcoming her aversion to anyone but me - I'm still the first on her list, dad's now a close second and a few other friends and family members are on the list now too! Thank goodness

  • She sleeps like a champ! Two naps a day and 13 hours at night. And (I don't mean to brag here), she sleeps in most days until 9am! I'm a lucky mom

  • She's crawling - not walking! But she has the skills. She can get into standing position on her own and stand for a LONG time. She can take 3 or 4 steps and balance herself. She can also walk behind her walker and then pick it up and readjust when she needs to...but she still will not walk exclusively. Soon enough though!

  • She is the cutest little cuddle bug and the most adventurous kid I've had to date. She's teaching Hailey all sorts of new tricks - things like how to disobey mom, how to climb out of the tub, how to jump on beds, how to get into cupboards and diaper cream and all that good stuff. Hailey up until now has been quiet the obedient little thing - and now Paige is here and she's learning just how much trouble they can get into together!

Anyway, that's my Paige. She's a lot of fun. She's a lot of work. But most importantly she's a lot of LOVE. And we just love her to pieces!!

p.s. I can't forget about my sweet Hailey too. She will be three soon, and I will have a post dedicated to her then, but here's a picture of the big sister from yesterdays Little 'photo shoot'. I think she's a keeper too!


Baker Family said...

oh your girls are SO CUTE!!! those pictures are so amazing...you need to go into business! I seriously need to have you take pictures for me...you are GOOD!

Jeni said...

I wonder when that love hate relationship goes away for them?! Haha they are darling!

The Taylors said...

I love the photo of Hailey closing her eyes holding Paige, that is priceless!! And you are one hot mama! Your editing looks really nice!

Julie Allred said...

Awe Paiger!! I cannot believe that you are one!!! Wow the time flies. I also feel very special that sometime you allow me to hold you for a few minutes, when you decide to like me lol.

PS Good job on the editting.

Jewels said...

I love the picture of you kissing Paige, her expression is completely adorable!!

Happy First Birthday to her! :)