Tuesday, June 08, 2010


June...oh June, you are busy!! In a good way of course. We've got our little calendar ("More Time Moms Family Organizer" of course) booked solid! Oh the fun we're going to have this summer. Oh the fun we've already had. This little blog entry is full of pictures and is VERY long. But I'm the creator, so I can do whatevah I want! Bwa ha ha ha ha.

So most importantly - Ben's sister (his little itty bitty baby sister) Ashley got married this last weekend!! We had so much fun! It was a beautiful day! Not hot by any means, but I think it was still just perfect. The bride was stunning, the groom passed our inspection, and everyone couldn't have been happier! Onto the pictures:

The happy couple

The girls and I

Ben and the Happy babe (for the moment at least)

This grandma LOVES her grandkids!

Hailey has been looking forward to this wedding FOREVER!! She had to give the Bride a big hug of congratulations!!

And then the hugs continued. These two little cousins LOVE each other like you wouldn't believe. Really, it's so cute.

Once the reception ended (i.e. the Bride and Groom had escaped, we found where Hailey and her cousins had disappeared , and Paige had met her crying quota for the evening) we took our trailer out to Writing on Stone to camp out with the Allred's and some other friends. It was our second trip ever in the new trailer and even though Paige was sick and woke up a TON at night, we still had fun. Speaking of camping...did I tell you that we bought a new trailer?? We sold our old one and bought this beauty:

Which has a fancy door in the back like this:

To hold this beauty:

Fun hey? Ben might just be a bit spoiled; which pretty much means I'm next in line for some spoiling right? One day.

So this is sort of out of order, but I can't mention the new trailer and not post a picture or two from the maiden voyage. So...here are some pics from our first trip to Little Bow.

Hailey in the Sand

Paige - not in the sand (for many many reasons...all involving her mouth - and the sand)

The gang hanging out at the Allred's site. We had so much fun that weekend.
And finally onto the point of this post. The trip we took this weekend to Writing on Stone.

The fam - 2010
Ben and Hailey - 2010

Are you having a little deja-vu moment right now? You should be...because exactly one year and one week earlier we took these two pictures in the same general location. I smell a tradition brewing.
Our fam just shy of two weeks before Paige was born (June 2009)

Hailey, the baby at the time, and her wonderfully photogenic dad (June 2009)

Back to 2010:
Paige really loves climbing things (notice her hoody? Notice Hailey's hoody from a year earlier?)

Hailey and her friend Kyla can now be trusted to sit still for a picture

One of the many reasons why we love the Allred's

What would a day at the Beach be without a kid buried in the sand. We ALL have one of these pics in our family. Here's ours:

END camping trip. Ok, we had fun, I was exhausted from the weekend (read: Paige was sick...didn't sleep well...cried a LOT). But it's always fun to be together as a family, and to have good friends nearby. I have never ever regretted buying a trailer. In fact, I think it's been one of the smartest and best purchases ever!
So...onto the rest of this post. Yesterday Ben had a Birthday. He's 30...shhhhhh. Oh wait, you already knew that. Anyway, he's already celebrated in so many ways (i.e. Vegas, new trailer, new quad, wonderful family, beautiful smart perfect wife....uh anyway), so yesterday all I did was make muffins! Poor guy didn't even get cake, or ice cream, or cupcakes, or anything Birthday like. Nope. He got muffins! This is how excited he was about it all:

You can tell his excitement was contagious hey?
At least they pulled it together enough to blow out the candles on the...mini muffins. he he he...I'm such a cool wife. So there ya go. Week one of June down. We have two more camping trips...with the start of a third one to look forward to. We have a FIRST Birthday for our littlest. And so many more fun things to keep us busy until July! Yay for summer!


rebecca said...

love this post Meagan! So fun. :) Glad you had a fun weekend of camping.

Jeni said...

You look soo good and I love your dress at the wedding! Your Girls are sooo cute!

Francis Family said...

You look awesome!! I had to say that first ;)
Second, your girls are getting SO big, and they are so cute!
Third, i'm not jealous at all you bought a trailer AND a quad. I will NOT tell Dustin either. (He's kinda annoying when it comes to wanting a quad, dirtbike, truck, etc....)
Anyways what a great post! One day we'll come back and we'll have to go camping together!

The Harker Family said...

You look great girl! Like always! You'd never know you had a baby not too long ago! Okay, I LOVE your new wheels (both of them)!

Anonymous said...

Fun pictures! I love the little girls' nieces of the bride wedding dresses, they're so cute in yellow and white and Gramma McC looks stunning - what a beautiful woman. You can tell the little ones love her -- as do we all.
Mini banana muffins sound reasonable after the haul Ben made for this 30th birthday -- I can't imagine what he'll get on next birthday!
Love G-Ma W.

Anonymous said...

Whew - busy busy! I got tired just reading about it - but super fun:) You guys make great memories!

Annette said...

Great post, love the photos! Your camping trip sounds fun (minus being up all night with a sad baby). My kids love writing on stone. We went there two years ago when we came to Alberta. They still talk about climbing on the hoodoos (spelling?). We are coming this summer and they have listed the hoodoos as a must do.