Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Little Bit Stressed Out...

I don't know if my mom can even count the number of times I've called her in full tears/hysterics this week. And it's only Monday!

I think it was about three weeks ago that I was sitting here thinking I was just barely getting to the point that I could catch a breath. We had a pretty stressful summer and I think the end of October was when I think things started to almost return to normal.


There's always a but.

Things changed on November 1st when we tried to collect rent from our tenants. Turns out we no longer have tenants...which means we are madly trying to rent our other house out again, while paying two mortgages. That's enough stress for me.


Add to it the new calling I got that same week. Relief Society 2nd Counselor in my ward. Despite the fact that I feel 20 years too young and inadequate in so many ways, I'm really excited about all the things I get to do with this calling. Like Super Saturday this weekend.

Did I mention I was stressed? Try taking over Super Saturday last minute. I've been on the phone or emailing people pretty much non stop for the last week. I've also spent COUNTLESS hours organizing the costs on my computer...and the sign up sheets. And all that wonderful stuff.

But really, joking aside, I am excited about this calling - it's going to be FUN! (p.s. a "calling" is a volunteer position that I'm asked to fulfill in my church. Being the 2nd Counselor in Relief Society means that I'm one of three people that run the women's program for our church. Thank goodness I'm not the President - she's the one with all the work!! "Super Saturday", however is a huge craft day where the "Relief Society" provides a TON of crafts for all the women in our ward to work on. BUSY basically sums it up)

Anyway...that's not it. With this new calling, I now have to find time to meet with the presidency regularly. But I'm having a hard time finding time, because I'm either in swimming lessons with my girls, teaching preschool, teaching piano to my 8 students, playing piano for the Young Women at Church, Hosting Book Club, babysitting my nephew, spending hours shoveling my driveway so I can actually leave the house, tending to my motherly duties (i.e. feeding my children, teaching them words and colours and so on), caring for my teething toddler and helping my three year old remember to use the potty. Honestly, I'm having a hard time finding a moment where I'm not frantically running around!!

I'm stressed.

Did I mention that Ben's stressed too? Yeah...winter means we don't see him. He's so busy with work...which is so good. I do like getting paid. But I don't so much like always putting my girls to bed on my own. Or them not even noticing when he's gone ALL weekend. I want to see him more, I want my girls to see him more, I want more time.

But this is my life. I love it. I especially Love my Husband and my two Girls. They keep me together when it gets crazy like this. And mostly, today I loved seeing these two anxiously awaiting their first venture into snow this year:

It's moments like that when I know the rest of it doesn't matter. I'm blessed. I'm loved. I love.


Francis Family said...

Sounds like you and I make a great pair!
Congrats on the calling, I totally know what you mean about feeling inadequate to do it. I feel the same way about teaching. But i've learned that this calling is mostly for me and if I help others along the way, then great!
That sucks about your renters!! I know what it's like. We paid 6 months of mortgage AND rent when we first moved up here. It's not fun. I hope things smooth out soon! Till then, venting is OK. :)

Sue-Zee said...

Keep Smiling Meg! You're doing great! Good luck with finding new renters. We're having to finish paying off our lease, plus juggling a mortgage, so I have an inkling of the stress that generates. Super cute pic of your girls! If you ever need a listening ear, sounding board, or just a smile, give me a ring :)

The Taylors said...

Meagan! You are doing so great!! You have so much on your plate but you are handling it so well. Good job. It was great to see you at the girls last week. I should have helped you with something while I was there. (sorry) I hope you get some renters soon that will be one less stress hopefully!

The Harker Family said...

Oh no that is terrible about the renters! I'm sure you will find someone soon to rent i! Yes, you gotta love the stresses of being a mom! But when we're older (and hopefully none of us will have had a heart attack by then) and they are all grown up, then we will miss the insanity...or so I'm told. I'm still waiting to be reassured by that! Ha! Have fun at Super Saturday...you're crafty so I know you'll do a FABULOUS job!

Anonymous said...

There is always a but -- but, refer back to your butt pictures from last spring and it's not all bad. ;)

The picture of our darling little granddaughters is sooo cute! (Love the Olympic mitts!)

The best part of this whole post is I know you can do it all. Wait, that's the second best part, the best part is "I'm loved. I love."

Love, G-Ma

Anonymous said...

WHAT are you DOING?! Do you think you're Superwoman or something? Okay, I need to breathe because you just stressed me out. Lately I'm deciding that too much is too much and some things need to go. I don't really see many options for you to do the same, but think about it, okay? For me? I need a nap now.

Annette said...

Life can get very busy and overwhelming. Sometimes we need to slow down and simplify and make sure we get the important stuff done first. Easier said than done, that's for sure.

I'm certain you will do an amazing job in RS. Not an easy calling, but you can do it.