Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Gingerbread house

So we broke down.

We bought a pre made gingerbread house (because we're creative like that).

All we had to do was decorate it.

Somehow things went off course.

I'm not sure who started all the silliness.

Maybe it was Colonel Mustard...

in the library....

with the candlestick?

Or maybe it was this little person...

aiming for a little world dominance?

We had a fun night though, the gingerbread house got about half the given candy on it, and the Heating Technician in our house insisted it needed a HUGE chimney. I love my family.


Anonymous said...

This is SOOOOOOO hilarious!!! Dad and I chuckled and chuckled and then laughed out loud.
What a wonderful expression on Colonel Mustard's face -- and that little world dominance moustache on your little one. (And actually we're surprised the Heating guy in your house didn't eat all the candy...)

Hugs and love, G-Ma and G-Pa

The Harker Family said...

A pre-made gingerbread house, now that's right up my alley! Heck if I could buy one already decorated I would! Ha, ha, ha! Your girls are hilarious...colonel moustache!!!!!!!!! I died laughing! So adorable!!!

The Harker Family said...

Oh, I meant mustard...well moustache, same thing! Ha!

Sarah Holoboff said...

HAHAHAHA!!!!!! that is too funny!!! me and nick had a good laugh :)