Friday, February 25, 2011

I might be biased

I'm know I'm biased...but I think I have beatiful children:

Hailey, who let me do her Hair today:

Paige, who wouldn't let me even come close to her hair...or her soo


Stacey Salmon said...

ohhhh, Hailey's hair is sooo cute. I wish I could grow my boys hair out just so I can play with it. hehee

Julie Allred said...

Oh Hailey looks sooo cute and way too grown up. What's happening with these kids? I say we stop feeding them! Your girls are cute, it's a fact

The Taylors said...

They are sooo cute! I love Hailey's hair like that! And Paige's. Equally. I wish Mya could grow her hair like that.

Anonymous said...

I love the hair and the grins -- on both of them. Sooo cute.

Love, G-Ma (one more sleep!)

The Hill's said...

Your girls are beautiful for sure! Great pics:)