Wednesday, February 16, 2011

We're lucky in this house

When Valentine's day comes around this house...we all get a little lucky. Why? Well because not only is it Valentine's (on the 14th) but it's our Anniversary (on the 15th). So that means we celebrate twice...and because this year our girls are ALL about princesses and all things fancy, the got in on the celebration. Romantic hey? Well, that's our life right now.

Being the lucky girls we are, Ben brought us all home roses. I am not someone who has a problem receiving roses on Valentine's day. I KNOW they are overpriced and blah blah blah, but if my husband wants to buy me roses, I'll let him!

Hailey and Paige were Lovin' their roses and were very grateful to their dad for supplying the goods.

Hailey was in Fairy Princess la-la land and couldn't stop smiling, and prancing around and batting her eyelashes and so on.

Paige thought her rose was a sword and kept hitting us with it "Whap whap whap".

Did you know my girls are cute? Well they are!

Especially in their new Valentine's PJ's

I got spoiled with a million roses...or just enough that I almost couldn't squeeze them into my vase. Which is fine by I said, I don't mind flowers ONE bit!

Now, just so you don't sit there puking over how gushy I am...just know that Ben didn't get home from work until 8pm that night. And then I went swimming soon after. So dreamy!

Then our Anniversary was equally as gushy...we ate crepes as a family for dinner. No romantic dinner for two that's for sure, and I'm just fine with that! There's nothing better then spending time with my little family. Then we put the girls to bed and watched a movie...that Ben proceeded to sleep through! I guess that's what 8 years does to ya. We are hoping to get out by ourselves this weekend...and we're really really hoping to go somewhere tropical someday in the not so distant future where we might just get to have a dinner alone. We'll see.


Anonymous said...

I love the roses! What a thoughtful man to even include the little ones. Awww, so sweet.
About the get-away for a dinner in a tropical paradise, we'll babysit!
Love, G-Ma

Sue-Zee said...

Congrats on you Anniversary--And your roses--way to go Ben!

rebecca said...

happy anniversary you guys! I already knew your girls were cute!! :) :) I can't believe Paige has piggies in her hair! she's gettin' all growed up! :( R

Laura said...

I love it! Happy anniversary, it sounded perfect in every way!

P said...

So cute. I love it! Sounds like our house with the dinner with the kids and a movie after where someone falls asleep. That pic of Paige and Hailey hugging made me laugh. Colten and Brielle assume that same position alot, they sway a little bit and call it "hug dancing" LOL.

P said...

Not sure why my name is showing up as P, but this is Terra from the Peach LOL.

Ashley and Caleb said...

Ben....who knew he had it in him :) Cute!! Let me know how the trip planning goes!!