Sunday, November 20, 2011

Another week via the iPhone.

I'm a week or two late on this one...but at least I'm getting something done around here. Here is a glimpse into our life (2 weeks late):

Playing 'school bus' together...these two PLAY so well together 95% of the time. And the other 5% of the time? Well, we're still recovering.

Tired after a Day at cousins Max's Birthday Party

My pregnant Belly...22weeks

Decorating the Family Tree...Big sister Helping little Elf

Decorating the Girls tree...and clearly eating chocolate

Making robots and other fun things

More sleeping because the 'sneezles' made their rounds in our home

2:00 am self portraits after watching the latest Twilight movie never turn out just end up looking like the Bad Vampires everyone's afraid of. (I was actually trying to get a shot of my clearly was too late to even bother)

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Sarah Holoboff said...

I like those photos!!! Your make-up looks awesome!! thats a good color for you!