Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I never thought

-I never thought I'd defend my ability to have children to strangers so much. "Yes...because you asked...I AM old enough to have kids. I have been for quite some time. But that's not what you mean right? Ok, I'm married....have been for almost 9 years! Therefore I think it's OK to have two children and one of the way! Now send your judging somewhere else please!"
-I never though that after an hour of explaining germs to my 4 year old I'd just give up and tell her it's all magic and not to worry anymore. I was JUST trying to explain why she needed to keep her 'sneeze in her sleeve'.
-I never thought I'd hear my two year old walk into the room while I was in sweats, vegged out on the couch, and say "aaaawkward". Thanks 'child of mine' who I so lovingly have cared for all these years. Thanks.
-I never thought I'd be making pretend band-aids (out of kleenex and tape) for my kids because the real ones have magically disappeared.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, dear, I can't stop laughing. About the aaaawkward comment from the two-year old, the giving up and saying it's magic and the pretend band-aids. You could probably hear me all the way to your house.
And I think you're doing a wonderful job having these funny, charming, endearing children and enjoying them -- of course it's okay to have more!
Love, G-Ma