Monday, July 09, 2012

No desire to blog

Honestly...what has happened to my blogging desire? Part of it is because my camera isn't working all that well, part of it is that I have three kids and I'm pretty busy, part of it is because I never go on my computer any more (hello iphone), and most of it's because I'm lazy!

Anyway, the other day I took out my camera since I realize I hadn't used it in about a month (you know what they say about having a million pictures of your first kid and none of your last? Well I'm definitely moving in that direction.)

So I took a picture of the biggest and the littlest sister...aren't they pretty?

Paige turned three...and to follow with family tradition, she got her ears pierced. Poor girl had NO idea what was coming to her!

She was soooooo surprised!!! And very accusatory as it was MY fault it hurt. Ok, it kind of was, since she didn't really WANT her ears pierced. Sorry baby

But she got over it quickly...and was especially happy while opening her Birthday presents

Then...the next day Hailey 'graduated' from preschool. We had a lovely afternoon in her class (songs, ice cream and games). Here she is with her certificate...onto Kindergarten now!!

Then the next day we let Paige invite 1 cousin and 1 friend to her "Birthday Party". She HAD a lot of fun playing, and opening presents!

And then...lucky us. My friend Julie is taking a cake decorating class and decided to make a delicious cake for Paige.

Lucky us because I don't do cakes...I just decided it's not even close to being a talent of mine, so I'm not going to even bother. It's a good thing my kids like ice cream better anyway!

So, other exciting events that occurred but weren't documents with pictures were: Camping, quadding, camping and more quadding, year end soccer parties, year end piano recitals, year end EVERYTHING!

Hailey turns 5 this week, so maybe I'll pull out my camera again. We're also planning to go camping...and I probably won't pull out my camera for that! ha ha! I'm clearly winning at this mom thing!


Anonymous said...

I was feeling bad because I hadn't checked your blog for a couple of weeks, but I'm okay because I didn't miss anything! Cute picture of the oldest and youngest and how could you make the little one in the middle cry??? Poor Paige with the beautiful pierced earrings. :)
I have pictures of the soccer finale.
Love, G-Ma

The Taylors said...

I hear ya!!! I just feel like there is no time unless I stay up late to blog, but who wants to do that when youc an sleep??? Haha. Love your sweet girls and Paige's earrings. :)