Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Hailey babe is 5!!!

I can't even really think about how special Hailey is without tearing up. She's my daughter...so of course I think she's special. But the day she was born, she also healed my wounded little heart and because of that she'll always have a special place in my heart. She's definitely a keeper! (my other two are equally as special...there are no favourites...and they also have their own special spots in my heart as well)

Anyway, we had a little party for her here in town. We invited a handful of local friends and CRAFTED!! That's all she wanted to so! We decided that the best way to craft with a bunch of 5 year olds was to book the party room at the Michael's store. It was THE BEST PARTY DECISION EVER!

No mess (at home at least), no clean up, someone else to entertain my kids, low cost, face painting...the list goes on you know!

The kids decorated pictures frames...

Paige took the whole thing pretty seriously

Opening all her girly gifts

She's just so sweet and happy and appreciative of EVERYTHING. In this pic she's just amazed by the stunning cupcakes we made!

And finally blowing out her candles

For my records, Hailey at 5:
  • is a genius...ok just a smart little cookie, she is starting to read little words, she did AMAZING in her kindergarten assessment (the principle kept commenting on how smart she was)
  • She LOVES all things girly - pink pink pink, makeup, nail polish, dresses, dresses, dresses, hair, makeup and more makeup
  • She's a BIG sister...a bit bossy (a LOT bossy) but adored by her younger sisters
  • She LOVES to ride her quad...but is lucky to have all pink gear as well as a pink camo quad
  • she LOVES holding and helping out with Baby Cait
  • She has LOTS and LOTS of friends, but is especially adored by little boys (a few of them are pretty certain she's their girlfriend...although she says she's only got one boyfriend...Denver. She's been taught well though and won't kiss him until they're old and married)
  • She LOVES babies but says she doesn't want any when she grows up...just big kids, because having babies hurts too much (oops...she's a bit too observant I guess)
  • She's sooooo excited to go into kindergarten this fall...and hopefully she wins her teacher over as much as she did her preschool teacher (who said Hailey reminded her a lot of Pollyanna...uh that's the sweetest thing anyone could say about my daughter)
  • LOVES riding bikes and mastered her two wheeler without training wheels this summer
  • Has a vivid imagination and LOVES playing make believe (orphan, cave woman, animals etc)
  • She really is such a joy to be around, she's sweet, innocent, lovely, spunky and a little bit sassy. Pretty much the perfect 5 year old. Right?



Lahni said...

Denny will be happy to hear that since he says that same thing about her!

Anonymous said...

I love the picture of her being amazed by the cupcakes. She is so sweet and so darling, and so cute and so innocent, and so much fun and filled with so much love.
Love, G_Ma