Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer Holidays

The year Hailey turned One we bought a trailer. It was kind of a foreign concept to me. I grew up in the city with a teacher as a father and 5 siblings. We didn't have the money for big exotic Holidays...but we still holidayed. We camped a lot when I was younger (in the tent trailer...of which I have no memories), we went and visited family on the coast a lot, and sometimes we had the hotel kind of Holidays. We still camped...but I just don't remember it quite as much as staying with family and friends.

My picture of an ideal holiday was a cabin...or a nice hotel anywhere. I really didn't think camping was my thing - especially with kids!!! Not at ALL! But then Ben opened my eyes to the world of RV-ing! We bought a giant trailer (34 feet long, with a bathroom, a master bedroom, a kitchen, and a bunk-bed room). It was AWESOME!! And then Ben opened (only slightly) my eyes to world of quads and toys. So we sold our first trailer and bought the toy hauler...which has a garage for the quads (with two queen bunk beds), plus a master bedroom and all the other perks the other trailer had. Now THIS trailer is sweet! Especially for moms like me who can't sleep with their babies. The grunting and snorting and noises my baby's make at night keep me up. I like them in their own rooms! So we unload the quads, clean the garage, put the bunks down and set up the room for the baby...or who ever else is sleeping in there. It's sweet!! Anyway, because of this sweet trailer, we spend a LOT of time camping. It has a built in generator so we can camp anywhere (back country) and have power for things like: the microwave, the Air Conditioning, the TV etc.

Anyway, every year we do a week long trip in the trailer (on top of the many weekends we use it as well). This year we went to Shuswap with friends. We had a fabulous time!! Here are some pics:

Night one...Baby's first time in the exersaucer...not her first Mohawk

Water slides in Salmon Arm...the girls had a BLAST

So much fun that I couldn't get them to look at me or my camera even ONCE!

Paige was diva all the way!! Throwing rocks to smooth out her sun tanning rhinestone glasses

Suntanning...Diva - I told ya

Cait...oh Cait...she was the PERFECT baby! Slept on the beach for hours at a time, hung out in her stroller and smiled at everyone...did I mention that she slept everywhere?? PERFECTION!

Hailey...just so sweet and innocent and happy and adorable and beautiful

On our way home we decided to take a 'slight' detour to the Columbia Icefields...I mistakenly thought they were in Lake Louise, so we got all prepped for the glacier. And THEN we realized they were an hour and a half NORTH of Lake Louise. So not at all on our way home, but still worth the drive. I played tour guide for my family...and failed miserably. The only mountain I could remember was rundle mountain and I have no idea which one it was. So much for all those Canadian Rockies Geology courses I took in University!

The Athabasca Glacier was pretty cool! The girls LOVED IT! We especially liked drinking the fresh glacier water. Deliciously fresh!

Cait slept

Family picture

Overall the week was great! We're happy to be home...but more happy to have made so many great memories!! I'm already planning next years holiday!!


The McGales said...

Fun Meagan! The ice fields did look like a lot of fun. One day. And way to go with the camping!!! Definitely makes a difference trailer vs tent haha

Anonymous said...

Your suntanning Diva is so cute and the big sister is so pretty and the littlest one with the mohawk - lol.
What fun to detour to the Icefields. When I was about Hailey's age we went there and I can still remember jumping over the North Saskatchewan River. lol A little rivulet that ran out of the glacier and eventually, perhaps, into the N. Sask. River.
Camping in your trailer is a whole different experience to camping in our tent trailer, which had only beds in it. No kitchen, no stove, no water, no bathroom, no electricity -- but lots of great memories, except, obviously for you and your younger sister. ;)
Love, G-Ma