Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Vesicoureteral Reflux

Vesicoureteral  Reflux

That's a big word hey? It's a big word that I've become a bit more familiar with lately.

Remember that visit to the hospital Cait had earlier this summer? She had a what I thought was a UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) but it turned out to be a kidney infection. It quickly got worse and because she was so young it required a nearly week long stay in the hospital. They did a TON of testing while we were there...and basically came to the conclusion that it was... a kidney infection. She responded quickly and got better super fast. Right before we left the hospital she had a kidney ultrasound, and depending on the results of that ultrasound she would or wouldn't need more testing. Her ultrasound was normal and so the doctors decided the infection was a one time occurrence and that no further investigation was needed. So we went home. We all assumed that was the end of it!

And then a few weeks later I noticed all the same symptoms...and took her into the doctor again. After a day of frustrating attempts to collect urine from her to be tested, we finally figured out that she had another infection!! Antibiotics again! And then a few weeks later...more symptoms...more antibiotics! 8 days later (while still on antibiotics) her symptoms returned...even MORE antibiotics!!!

So this resulted in a referral to a nephrologist. We just had to wait for our appointment. In the mean time, my doctor booked her in for a VCUG test which would help us with a diagnosis. I knew by this point what the results would be. I KNEW she would have kidney reflux. Kidney reflux is a condition where the urine, instead of leaving the bladder and traveling down through the urethra, refluxes BACK up to her kidney before she pees. Which basically causes all sorts of infections. Anyway, she had her VCUG last Friday and I didn't expect instant results. But one thing I've learned in my experience with doctors is that when you're getting a test like and ultrasound or an X-ray, the radiologist NEVER gives you the results unless they are bad. And bad they were. It turns out Cait has grade 5 reflux in one of her kidneys...grade 5 being the MOST severe. Bad enough that her nephrologist bumped her original mid November appointment up to this week!! Bad enough that we're meeting to discuss her surgery options. Bad enough that I'm actually starting to worry a bit. I know things will be fine. This is a relatively common condition, and it's treatable. So I'm ok. She's ok. In fact, she's more than ok! She's still just one of the happiest sweetest babies I've met.

p.s. Friday I'll have more information...i.e. surgery date? And then we can move forward with life.
p.p.s. Did you know Cait also sees a pediatric ophthalmologist? Yep! But it's such a non issue now that we're dealing with this kidney issue. I'll write a whole post about that at another time.

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Anonymous said...

Awww, little Cait -- I know she's got a strong, informed family and lots and lots of love and prayers around her all the time. Isn't she a cute little muffin! I love that smile, from ear to ear.

Things will be okay.

Love, G-Ma