Thursday, September 06, 2012


Kindergarten...yep. I've got a kid in Kindergarten! Wow. Where did the time go. I can't believe it!

Those are the kind of things I'm supposed to say right?

It's interesting how going to preschool was more monumental then going to kindergarten. I think it has a lot to do with the fact that her preschool was IN the elementary school and felt so much like real school to me. Plus she only goes to kindergarten two full days a week (with a Friday thrown in there once in a while). Next year will be a different story, I believe.

Anyway, we're all excited and happy to see Hailey excited and happy about Kindergarten.

Her first day was a success. She was happy as could be. Had no complaints or concerns. And really seemed to enjoy herself. We dropped her off at the crack of dawn...ok 8:30, but we haven't woken up before 9:00 am all summer. So it felt like the crack of dawn. So we dropped her off, she leaped out of the van and bounded off towards the school...and left poor Paige in her wake. Poor poor Paige.

Does this picture get any sadder? I mean besides the fact that Paige is still sporting some serious bedhead and is clearly dressed in rags. But the saddest part is how forlorn Paige looks.  Her big sister is off to bigger and better things...and that means Paige has to stay home with mom and the boring baby sister.

Anyway...Hailey was very happy about her class room. It's a brand new school with brand new everything. And she was especially happy to play with the littlest pet-shops. So we left her with her teacher and other kids. AND I didn't shed a single is that even possible?
We (Paige, Cait and I) then spent the rest of the day cleaning up from our last camping trip...relaxing, watching Dora etc. Later that afternoon we loaded back up in the van and picked Hailey up while we anxiously waited for her to share every little detail about her first day. Which she refused to share. So I'll assume it went fine. She said she loved it, but just couldn't remember anything.
 I did get this sweet little gem though...a picture she drew in class. A beaver and a turtle. So randomly adorable! That's Hailey for ya! We sure love that kid...she's the best!

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Anonymous said...

WE love that little Hailey, too! What an amazing picture of a beaver and a turtle -- great detail. The turtle's head and smile and the beaver's buck teeth!
Oooh, poor little Paige, left behind. With bedraggled bed head and definitely not "new, first day of school" clothes. What a wonderful picture of being left behind. I have to smile and yet sniff.
Love, G-Ma