Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Bigger every day

She's growing up and I never said she could

I always struggle with my babies getting bigger. Not in the way most people do though...as far as I know. I can't WAIT for them to grow up, because for me toddlers are easier than babies. But I'm always sad when they do grow up because I feel awful for wishing those sweet baby stages away.

Well...here we are at another milestone. Cait is now eating solids. She will never be that exclusively breastfed baby again (not that she was anyway...since she usually gets a bottle of formula a day). But still, who said this was allowed to happen?? I sure didn't. I AM happy that this means we're headed in the right direction...away from the hard baby stuff (that I can't handle all that well) toward the hard toddler stuff (that I can handle a TON better). But I'm a tiny bit sad that she's not quite the newborn I feel like she is. Maybe that's partly because I can't keep blaming the extra baby weight on having a newborn...I think people are starting to wonder where that newborn is.

Anyway...way to go Cait!! You are a champ! You LOVED that sweet potato we fed you! You gobbled it up and asked for more! You also LOVED having your big sisters feed you (and they loved it equally as much)

p.s. do you notice her left eye? It's a little droopy compared to her right eye. She was born with a condition called Ptosis. We've done some testing to determine the cause for her case of Ptosis...and came to the conclusion that there was no cause (other then a speedy speedy delivery that may have done some damage to her eye). So she may outgrow it (i.e. strengthen that muscle over time), deal with it (i.e. have a droopy eye her whole life), or have it fixed (i.e. reconstructive surgery). We don't have too worry too much though...and only need to get it checked out every 6 months...and then at around 3 or 4 we'll consider our options. Interesting though. 

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Eliza from Alberta said...

so cute and her big sisters are so cute, too.
Our children never asked for permission to grow up either, they just went ahead and did it -- and did it well. :)
Love, G-Ma