Tuesday, October 02, 2012

We've got a date!

So we finally have a surgery date for this Darling little babe! She's going to have the 'sting proceudre' also known as the 'deflux' on October 9th.

One week.

I just got off the phone with a nurse from pre-op and we discussed things a little bit. When we met with our nephrologist he immediately knew she needed to see a urologist. He said that nephrologists are like the 'engineers' and 'urologist' are like the plumbers...the guys who actually fix the problem. So he ran into the hall, and 5 minutes later showed up with a urologist straight out of surgery. He looked at her chart and within a minute said "she needs surgery, and she needs it within the month".


Nothing like a doctor's urgency to freak a mom out a bit!! But we know she's ok and that she's going to be ok!!

So now we're just sitting back...thinking about possibly isolating our family from the world to make sure she doesn't get sick before her surgery. We're trying not to watch any doctor's shows that may unnecessarily freak us out. And we're just trying to pretend like it's no big deal.

 Because it really isn't.

I mean this surgery will save her kidney and prevent further damage, so that's a big deal. But as far as surgery's go, this one's pretty minor! Anyway...that's the deal. It's all new to me though...and I'm just the tiniest (maybe a bit more) nervous about it all. That's my job though right?


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Anonymous said...

She's so cute, sitting up!!
She'll be okay -- and so will you.
Love and hugs,