Tuesday, October 09, 2012


So Cait had her surgery today....and everything went perfectly! We woke up at the crack of dawn...literally, and headed up to the Children's Hospital. They asked us a million questions...had us dress her in the striped hospital pj's and took us into the operating area. We then met with the anesthetist who discussed her role...which really is they only part of the whole thing I was worried about (too many Grey's Anatomy episodes where people didn't wake up from Anesthetic I guess).  

And then the Anesthetist said "I'll take your baby from here".

And so I handed my sweet little baby over...

and watched as the team of doctors walked with her down the hall and into the operating room.

Without me


That is not something my heart was prepared for.

A tear or two (or a million) may have slipped down my cheek as I bravely walked out of that room. 

Seriously, I was not at all prepared for that!

But Ben, the ever brave husband he is, took charge and forced me to come with him to the cafeteria to grab breakfast. And then before we knew it we our surgeon walked into the waiting room with a big thumbs up!! Such a relief. He did ask us a few questions about her breathing and coughing because apparently she had some difficulties with both while under...and they had a bit of a hard time controlling it. UHHHHH...what?? But he quickly reassured us that she was ok now. NOW. As in 'she wasn't before'?? Who knows, they were all very calm and professional about it. So I'll just have to be too. And really, it's the NOW that counts. So that's it, we now have to wait a few months to see if the procedure was as successful as we hoped.

I'm hopeful.

Anyway, last night before we put that tired baby of mine to bed I thought "I NEED one last picture of her" I NEEDED that picture like I've never needed a picture before (mom jitters). And so here it is. Way past bedtime, under the orange glare of the kitchen lights, super grainy, in her loving dads arms, and just exactly as I want to remember her at this age. Sweet as always.


Anonymous said...

Mommy jitters and "I'll take your baby now..." I'm sending hugs and also thankful prayers that everything went okay.
Love, G-Ma

Lahni said...

I've done it three times and I've shed a tear (or a million) every time myself. It doesn't really get any easier!