Friday, September 07, 2012

My Girls

It's funny how I sometimes see soooo many similarities between Paige and Cait...and most people think they look the most alike between the three girls. BUT when I look at Hailey's baby pictures I see soooo much Cait in them as well. Really, I think they just all look so much alike. Cait and Hailey have the same eyes and nose, and Cait and Paige have the same lips...and every other last detail they share. My babies come from one mould...and one mould only! But in these pictures...I think it's Cait and Hailey that are twins.

Anyway, I took pictures of my other two girls in their blessing gowns when they were three/four months old. But I forgot to with Cait. So this morning I pulled the gown out and put it on her. She barely squeezed into it at 5 months old. But she's still cute as ever.

Cait - 5 months

Paige - 3 months

Hailey - 4 months

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Anonymous said...

they are so absolutely sweet! Darling, darling little babies. You're right, Hailey and Cait look like the same baby and little Paige, all smiles and wiggles. So cute, so adorable. What a wonderful mould!
Love, G0Ma