Tuesday, September 11, 2012


It's a strange feeling being by myself...well mostly by myself. Hailey's in Kindergarten, Paige is in joyschool and Cait is napping. I'm ALONE! I feel so much like I want to have a nap...but I feel even more like I want to read a book. So that's what I'm going to do. It feels soooo nice.

Some girls in my ward have put together a little joyschool program. It's going to be fun, laid back and a great way to get our 3 year olds out of the house! I only have to teach once a month...and since we're all pretty easy going I don't have to stress too much! Plus I've done it before.

Paige was soooo excited to go to school...but was a bit disappointed when she realized it was just at some one's house. She wanted to go to an actual school! Next year. I decided to take the customary first day of school pictures with Paige...since she got to see her sister get hers done this year. The thing about Paige is she's equal parts shy, sassy, happy, grumpy, sweet, adorable, adventurous, and just plain old wonderful. The funny thing is she's not equal parts at all times. She chooses one persona at a time and commits fully...for at least a minute (or days). And that's why we LOVE Paige so much. I honestly feel like everyone needs a child like Paige in their family...you will never be shy of adventure, drama, cuteness or mystery. Something knew every day. And each day is just as exciting as the one before. Trust me. 

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Anonymous said...

Aw, how cute! She's right in the winking stage of her persona today. :) We love her!
Love G-Ma