Monday, June 03, 2013

My Girls

I get together with a few girls once a month to chat and eat yummy food and we call it 'photoclub'. Which is. We always have some sort of theme to follow that month and then the day of photoclub we all remember we have an obligation and quickly go and snap a few pictures in that general theme. And then of course we race trying to get the pictures printed in less than an hour so we send them to both Walmart and Costco to see who's fastest...and it turns out they're equally as fast. Which then means we have two sets of the same picture to share that night - YAY! and by 'we' I mean 'ME'. I do all that! I'm terrible at remembering to TAKE pictures for photoclub!! But I always pull through...except for the time I printed them and then forgot them at HOME!!

But this month we decided to do a little Mother's Day photoshoot in lieu of  our monthly food/chat fest a.k.a photoclub. We all got together at Tanya's lake and took pictures of each other with our kids. I've never looked better! These girls KNOW my best angles!! I also kind of LOVE the pictures because they are of me and my beautiful daughters - I really have the best life. I will honestly treasure them forever and ever!!

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Pictures of our beautiful daughter!