Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cait's hair

I remember reading in my Granpa's journal about his children being thing that really stuck out to me was when he described their baby hair and seemed to be very excited when their hair had a bit of curl. I think one of his children was born with straight hair and it seemed to disappoint him a bit. Something like "there's no curl to her hair but she is so cute in other ways". I was just so interested in this view. At the time I read his journal I didn't have any children of my own...and it just seemed so silly to be worried about hair.

And then I had Hailey and Paige, and they had the cutest baby hair. Soft, and whispy and blonde and most importantly: Curly!! I LOVED their baby hair. I would look at other babies and just think how lucky I was to have their perfect little heads of hair.

And then Cait was born...and her hair was bone straight! Not a bit of curl to be found on her head. And then suddenly I understood my Grandpa. It wasn't disappointing that she had straight hair but it certainly was more challenging. I really have to do her hair every single day to make sure it looks presentable. When it's curly, you can just sort of leave it be and it's always presentable.

Anyway...I've decided that Cait has three looks:

1-the "Handsome" Look as Hailey says. It's all slicked to the side and makes her look quite handsome. lol

2-the sticky out pigtails - they just sort of shoot from her head and discourage anyone from getting too close

3-the top-knot...which then just turns into a single sticky-out pony tail which also discourages anyone from getting too close

What do I do about this? Should I just keep on keeping on with the straight hair? Should I break our the curling iron? Should I cut it? What should I do?

I think I'll just love it...because that hair belongs to one sweet little girl who is dearly loved....and it's kind of perfect right?

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Anonymous said...

Isn't she just the sweetest little girl! And your grandpa would love this post.
G-Ma and G-Pa