Sunday, October 13, 2013


Ben's cousins all get together twice a year and  put on a big party. It's a lot of fun. They book the church, have a pinata, set up crafts for the kids and a photobooth for everyone - ALL while eating LOTS and LOTS of yummy food. This year Ben was off living the dream (like usual). But...that's why I married him (in case you were wondering. He's got big dreams and passions and that's why I love him so much)! So the girls and I got ourselves all dressed. Of course we happened to match (that happens often when I'm picking out just never know when you'll have your pictures taken). Well by golly...there WAS a camera there, and it was willing to take our picture! I'm glad we got this picture. I WISH Ben could have been there - because we need new family pictures (plus it would have saved my mom some worrying over the state of my marriage due to my husband never being in pictures). But this picture of us girls is awesome too. Hailey's posing like usual, Paige is her typical sweet 4 year old self, and Cait, well that's Cait right there. You can't beat that scowl, and you know you're loved when she gives you this look. And I look like I might have actually gotten a full nights sleep!

Cait and I tried out the wasn't quite the success I'd imagined!

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This post had us chuckling.