Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Dutch Creek - one last time

We'd spent a bit of time this summer camping wit Rita and Randy in campgrounds. We kept telling them how awesome this back country stuff was...and they decided to give it a go. We packed up nice and late on a Friday night, loaded our trailers with quads and headed out. Half way there we realized it was going to be LATE when we pulled in. So we decided to try for somewhere closer, but once we got THERE it just didn't seem right. If we wanted to show someone the true beauty of back country camping we NEEDED to take them farther in! So we headed back on the road again and I'm so glad we did. We found this perfect little spot away from anyone else. Our kids could play and roam freely and we could relax. We went on a million quad rides and introduced Rita and Randy to this way of life. And I think they loved it...based on the fact that they went home and bough themselves a Maverick too. I think there will be a TON more camping trips like this in our future!! I hope so at least!


Emily S said...

Awesome pictures Meagan! Especially the one with Paige and Thijs on the quad and roel riding behind them. Can you email me some?

Anonymous said...

Another fun camping trip.