Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Let's go fly a kite

I think I've used that title before. Maybe. My life sometimes feels like a giant groundhogs day. You know, the same thing happens over and over again. I have a blonde girl. She rides a trike in a tutu. Two years later, another blonde girl, another tricycle, another tutu. And then 2 1/2 years guessed it: Another blonde girl, on her trike, wearing a tutu. They all look so much alike. They all act so much alike. We literally have created three identical children. And our life is just on repeat. Year after year. The snow falls, we play in it, the snow melts, we splash in the puddles, the wind blows and we fly kites. The sun shines, we go to the beach. The weather cools, we start school. Over and over and over again. And I'm really not complaining. Because I love this simple sort of life. I do. I also wouldn't mind a little excitement around here. Maybe a boy? Another baby? I'm not sure if we're there yet, but I'm starting to think about whether we will ever get there or not. Do we want more kids?? I'm not sure. I've also been thinking about living some sort of an adventure...something that takes us out of the rat race and lets us experience life in a different way. I'm not even sure what that would be. But I'd love something different. Something to plan for. Something cool to blog about. I've toyed with the idea of going back to work....a few days a week maybe. Ben's really been toying with the idea of me going back full time and him staying home. That's not likely. But it's fun to think about all the possibilities we have and dream about what our future may hold. Who knows what we're looking at...but what I do know is I like what we've done so far. I'm happy.

Speaking of happy...and the whole purpose of this post...we went kite flying a few weeks back with some friends. We busted out the $1.39 Walmart kites and the kids had a blast. Ben proudly flew his princess kite. Hailey chased hers around. And Paige was pretty patient with all the hard work it took. Cait, well she just played on the slide and the swing at the park. I chased kids around and visited with my friend. It was a nice, simple evening with good company!


Anonymous said...

Your life is lived to the fullest, no wonder it's fun.
Adventure is okay, just don't leave right when we're coming home. :)
Super fun pictures.
Love, G-Ma and G-Pa
PS Yay Princess kites!

The Taylors said...

Love this post! So sweet! And I hear ya!