Thursday, October 22, 2015

Jump Jump Jump

And so it last baby is now a jumping baby! Each milestone we pass is just a little more and more bittersweet...because I'm happy to be heading to the next stage of our life, but sad that I'll never experience a baby's first jump in her Jolly Jumper again. However, Nora is such a huge light in our lives and we honestly just can't get enough of her. She lights up when anyone looks at her, she smiles for any ounce of attention, and she always has this sweet little expression on her face like she's waiting for us to amaze her. Well she amazes us! She really is just such a fun and special girl!

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Cory Wilde said...

I was looking through old photos I took of my oldest, Pyper, and came across photo after photo of her in the jolly jumper. There were SO many and most of the same pose because I took them one right after the other. Silly first time mom I was. She is so beautiful Meagan, you are doing a great job! It is bitter sweet isn't it? I find it hard to deal with that some times.